Jan 28, 2001
Has anyone been able to handle the Benchmark Sidewinder? What are your thoughts on it? Do they offer manual versions yet?
Does anyone have a new Sidewinder in box to trade for a Microtech?

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I picked one up in a trade at a Gun Show in Fayetteville NC a few months ago. It really pops! The handle is ergonomically well designed. It feels like an auto utility knife with a good drop point blade. Locks up tight.

I haven't given it a work out because I wanted to maintain it's value but I will have to admit I am tempted.

I like it better than my MT UDTs but it will never replace my small Sebenza!!

Hoah! (Its an Army thing!)
I bought one about 2 months ago at a show and I love mine. One dealer at the show said he didn't care for them cause they opened too slow...not mine!!! it snaps right open. The knife really carries well also. It slips down into your pocket and it quite concealable! I love it!