Beowulf Hawk??

Well, I just finished watching the 1998 release of the timeless story of Beowulf. If you haven't seen this movie and you like blades, you have to check it out.

Anyways, in one of the early scenes, Beowulf (Lambert) pulls out two sticks. He hits the buttons and "schwing!!!" they turn into double bladed hawks. Immediately, I thought to myself: wouldn't it be cool if ATC made a locking liner folding tomahawk. And if they really tried, they could make that double locking liner, double bladed, automatic hawk. Ain't hollywood grand??

And if you think about it, as long as that blade is under 4 inches, it might be a legal carry in most states.

Stay back! or I'll...OUCH...cut myself.
I'm still waiting for one of those .45's that hold 30 or 40 rounds