Beretta Avenger / Stealth


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Oct 5, 1998
Does anyone have any input on these? I haven't heard much anything about them, other than the good reviews on VG-10 steel. TIA!!!

I've got one Jackyl. It is a sweet piece of work. Excellent construction, extremely bombproof bolts. Due to the carbon fiber, you would never know its in your pocket. There is one design flaw though. The point and the clip angles in combination with the bevels result in a fairly fragile tip. I dropped it tip down on my wood deck and about 1/8" of the end snapped off. An easy repair if you have a belt sander.

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Definitely a cool blade. Very light, pointy,sharp and chisel ground. They aren't shipping with the Allen wrenches anymore though.

The only compaint I've heard is the clip sometimes comes loose.