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Beretta Skeleton blade folders?

Nov 12, 1998
I have looked at the large 3.5" bladed, colored handled, partially serrated knives. Beretta makes a damn good blade although I am hesitating because of the skeleton design. Don't ask me why
. Structurally, I'm sure beretta wouldn't make a blade such as this that wouldn't hold up. I'm just not sure though. any experiences out there? I really love the intense design though.

Hello Erin, I had the black 1/2 serrated model
I posted my review a long time ago on rec. knives
and the "other" forum. I bought it as a dress knife that
would not scare the ladies should I need to defend them (don't ask).
Ambidexterous, sharp but the serrations are no match
to a Spyderco. I gave mine as a gift 2 wks. ago and it was appreciated.
Perhaps you feel the skeleton blade will break
and their were rumors of this happen.
If you like to collect, get the K Air it's double edge.
Don't buy from Beretta. It's good for newbies
Just as I thought. It Figures. I Love my fully serrated Police Spydie as well. Looks like my choice on the Genesis was a wise one, thanx Smoke. I Did purchase the "original" 007 .380 though from Beretta and I do love that. Too bad they don't make a decent folder.