Best 4" or less Tactical Fixed

Nov 15, 1998
Dozier, Operator, Wombat, or what.....

I vote for the great, but hard to get M-10 designed by Bob Terzuola for Gryphon. Extremely strong knife that feels alive in the hand. Great grip. Double ground 5/32nds 4" blade of ATS-34 can slice or go through a car door.

Since the M-10 is hard to get, my #2 is Bud Nealy Pesh Kabz. San Mai with razor sharp 52100 in middle and Meier Damascus on outside is handsome and strong. Great carry system wins the day over competitors.
I think I'd go with a complete system from JSP Bladerigger. I could get exactly what I need, and carry rigs to suit any day of the week. But I'm just dreaming about what I'd like to have.

For serious work, the Bob Kasper designed and Polkowski made Kasper Companion is tops on my list. And then maybe Al' s Polecat. Both in his "rapid deployment" IWB kydex sheaths in a canted abdomen carry makes for comfort and an extremely rapid draw.


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i like the maddog mongoose. or wombat if you like tanto blades. these two seem like they could handle any task one could think of.

IMHO - Pat Crawford Poit Guard. also very reasonably price at $300 for the Aluminum version ($375 for the Ti handles).

My 2 cents
I like my SD1 made by Kit Carson. Take a look and let me know what ya think.
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I agree with Nakano 2 about the Companion. I carry a Scorpion which has the same handle design as the Companion, but sports a double ground 4 1/2" blade. The Companion is 4" single ground. The handle ergonomics are terrific.


I believe FULCRUM was asking about fixed blades. Since you mentioned it, I love Pat's knives also. I have three Crawford's and one on the way.

Now I would have to say my favorites are Mr Bob Dozier's..The pro guide and the ark.toothpik..GREAT!!they just feel right to me and are very well made.But hey, there are so many, if only our wives would let us buy MORE!!
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Spyderco Moran and Edgeworks sheath.
Benchmade small Nimravus.
MOD Razorback.

If you have more money then Randall Fireman.
My low budget favorite is the REKAT Hobbit Utility Fang and Regular Fang with a paracord wrap on the handle. I use 'em for everything I would uses a folder for! I carry them in my front pocket

That Carson piece does look like a beaut. I have mixed feelings about Polkowski - great grips, well made, but inexplicably not sharp out of the box.

I agree Dozier is great - customer service, D-2, best grinder in the business, fair prices, and great kydex. I think I may order a 4" toothpick (a custom maker who actually makes customs!) and ask for a slimmer than usual grip - my only concern, isn't micarta slippery when wet?

I did need to sharpen my Scorpion when I first received it, but now it is razor sharp. You may need to invest a little time to sharpen it or take it to be sharpened, but I think the overall design and quality of the Companion is well worth it.

Hello Fulcrum!

Do you happen to have the URL of Bud Nealy's works? Also that of Bob Terzuola if it's possible. Thanks in advance.