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Best all around folder undder $50.00???

Feb 15, 1999
Which pocket knife is the best that is 1.street legal for pocket carry in most states.2.good for protecting yourself as a weapon if need be.3.good for general everyday use.4.Cost less than $50.00 so if it gets lost you don't have a heart attack.????

IMHO it is the Spyderco Wayne Goddard Lightweight, you can find it at internet dealers for ~ $50.
If you require a smaller blade, go for the Spyderco Native. Look for a "Knife test" thread to read more about $50 folders in that range.
Tough one...

From the sounds of it, the BM830 Ascent seems to be a winner. I have had th Goddard, and the 840 Ascent, and I have had my problems with both. The Blade on the Goddard is nicer and comes with a better finish, and is more versitile, but the Handle on the Ascent is much stronger and more durable, and uses an adjustable pivot pin, and a more durable toggle pin. The Ascent was much more ergonomic . BUT, the 840 seems to have a habit of folding when whacked on the spine, but everyone who tested their 830's have not had problem. Benchmade has heard of the problem with the 840's (Due to The testing that Mike Turber did, and subsequent testing from the forum members), and is looking for a fix.

I am holding out for the new series of Ascents, they will have the familiar, comfortable, durable handle, but will have a more conventional drop point blade and a thumbstud instead of a Spydie Hole.

Other possiblilities are the CRKT Mirage (My Mom likes and carries hers daily), Various Spyderco's will fit the bill (the ever present Endura & Delica), The Voyager series from Cold Steel may have a few knives that fit the bill.

Other Factors you might want to consider are what size knives are you comfortable with, how hard on your knives are you going to be, and whether or not you need serrations. I am sure that there are piles of knives that fit the bill..



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I carry a benchmade 350sbt, small, light-weight, lock-up is very good. People don't get all bug-eyed when I pull it out. High clip, so it does not stick too high out of pocket. I've cut a lot of nylon cable ties with it and opened a bunch of mail. And most important, I just like the way it feels and looks. I paid $50 for it, not bad for lighter duty
I'll say either the Spyderco Delica 98(ATS-55 blade, reversible clip, plain, serrated, or combo edge) or the Benchmade Ascent 830(ATS-34 blade, tip-up or tip-down carry, plain, combo edge or BT2 coated combo edge). They are both good knives. Get the plain edge if you are ever going to fly anywhere. The 830 is larger than the Delica, but the 820 Ascent was just too small for me. You might like it.
If ya can, go somewhere and handle the knives. The one that feels best in your hand should be the one you get. The knife that feels the best might not be one mentioned in this thread. Good luck and let us know what you get.

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Fact is, I wouldn't argue with any of the folders mentioned so far. My choice is the endura98. I might go with the Goddard lightweight instead, if Spyderco is offering that model in a plain blade.

I'd have to agree with Joe on the Endura. Before I got addicted to owning a gazillion different knives, the Endura was my daily carry for both utility and (heaven forbid)defense. It was a lot easier to get out of the house every morning too, without so many choices to make !
In my current collection I would say:

Tactical: Spydie Native (not sure how tactical that is)or a Cold Steel Voyager, either clip or tanto. You can find the medium and large less than $50

Utility: Buck 110

Overall for workmanship, materials and all around beauty: Case Copperlock with "pocket worn" scales (I love that knife!)


I am very pleased with the Endura 98 and the Delica 98, both with ATS55 blades. I not only recommend them, I carry them. The choice of which depends on where I am going, laws being laws.

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I have only two additions: The Boye lockbacks are a great value, BDS steel and a nice handle. You can even get a neat little picture in the blade.

If you can wait a little for your fix, Outdoor Edge(check their forum) is coming out with production models of some fine custom folders in your price range.

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The Spyderco Goddard lite wt. C16. The BEST lite wt. folder around imho. The past few months I have invested a bit into pocket clip folders for general use and I guess although I don't like to admit it as a backup to my CCO .45acp. The C16 wins handsdown. Very easy to sharpen, great edge geometry, and the handle aligns the wrist in line pretty much with the blade. Anyways I shoulda quit when I got the C16. Live and learn
There is a good reason that the delica and endura were used to "start" a knife company.It is the same reason that after all these years they are still #1 in sales at that company.


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My experience; BM 350 has been a very nice lightweight pocket knife - $45.00. Also the smaller CRKT Mirage has been a nice "cheap" knife, although I don't find anything "cheap" about it except the price - $25.00.

Many of the Spyderco knives get rave reviews here - i.e above posts - although I personally don't like the "hole" for opening (just my personal opinion - the knives are fine).
Have been very impressed by price/performance of Endura and Delica by Spyderco, both in the AUS-8A they used for after G-1 in folders, but before ATS-55. However, I imagine the perfomance/ergonomics are similar.
I have the BM 830, Spyderco Wayne Goddard lightweight and the Spyderco Endura. I like them all and would recommend any one of them. I must admit the Goddard lightweight is probably my favourite despite the combo blade, the serrations have come in handy at times.
3 inch blade range for uptight jurisdictions-- Delica 98 or Native

4 inch blade range for uptight jurisdictions-- Endura 98 or Goddard Ltwt

All come with reversible clips, most come plain, the Goddard will be available plain soon if you want, or they all come serrated.

Great customer service from Spyderco, in short go with Spyderco, I doubt you will be disappointed...

Since prices vary so much for those outside the US, I'll just say that the CRKT Mirage seems to give the most bang for the buck in a single blade folder, otherwise pick a SAK. Lots of *GOOD* recommendations above (assuming you can get them for under $50), so I won't repeat 'em.
I would say if your not so worried about the law option than go with the Spydie Endura (it is "legally" to big to be carried in a pocket in several states) or a Delica. I carried a fully serrated Delica for a long time and loved it. And it is big enough to be used for self-defense, if ever necessary, but small enough to be light and not a real "shock getter" from those not so quite as sophisticated as us.

Gerber EZ-OUT in ATS-34 because it provides the higher quality steel (compared to 425) at a low price, with outstanding design if you get the lock right. A long time ago, I started a thread on the Gerber EZ-OUT, and half the people had locks that didn't hold up as well as they hoped.