best bird&trout knife for around $100

Win Heger

Gold Member
Feb 29, 2000
I'd look around for an older Gerber "Trout and Bird', hasn't been made in years.
This little knife has a sharpened clip and a "stripping spoon" molded into the handle. I sold mine a few years ago and regret it now. Ebay or maybe the new Cutting Edge magazine that AG Russell is coming out with.

A classic knife, surely under $100.00.

Jul 17, 2001
Those who have posted links so far, in my opinion,
have the right idea about what constitutes a good
and useful trout and bird knife.
Size is critically important. So many knives being offered are
way too large for the stated job.
The above links are to sites/knives that appear to fall within the
parameters of knives which will do the job.

Back in the seventies, I bought a Randall model 8 trout and bird knife.
It is much too large to use on grouse, quail, dove, and any fish I normally
hope to catch. I still have that knife, but it serves other functions.

Look for a fairly short, fairly thin, very sharp blade.
Actually, a three inch paring knife of good quality would do just fine.
Jul 17, 2001
It is thrust into the bird's vent
and pushed up as far as it will go.
The hook catches the entrails;
at which point they are pulled out.