Best boot knife ?

Jun 4, 1999

I am going to get a boot knife.
Which one (or more brands) is the best ?

For classic good "boot knife" looks in the very low-end price range, you might try a Western. They're double-edged, with rosewood handles, and go for around thirty bucks.


Camillus makes a more high-tech version of much the same knife, with a gizmo-ific plastic sheath incorporating a removable spring clip, an inside-waistband-enabling belt loop, and nylon straps for horizontal placement. The picture below shows the knives with leather sheaths, though -- you can get them either way.


Best? Probably not compared to the pricey stuff out there. But adequate.


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The S&W boot from Taylor is a good one for the price, around $30.00. I have the one with the smachet style blade and carry it alot. Also I carried a Kershaw Amphibian for a long time and found it to be a good value for the bucks
It's just a moot point, but who carries knives in their boots these days... there was a time when men (mainly) wore high boots with their pants tucked inside (think deep, deep mud), which was convenient for tucking things away like weapons, booze (hence the term bootlegger). Not too practical today, unless you want to hobble around looking like there is some grotesque growth on your ankle. Not easy to get at, either.
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Good point about the carry of a knife in ones boot. I have a few knives that qualify as bootknives but I would never carry them in my boot.I think now bootknife is just a title being tossed around to mean any small fixed blade hide away knives. The typical bootknife size is the perfect size for a small fixed blade used for every day carry.I sure would not like to have to pull a knife out of my boot if I needed it ASAP.
Kurdy, check out Bob Dozier's Arkansas Toothpick and New York Special. Bob uses D-2 nad supplies his knives with great Kydex sheaths. I've got a Toothpick withan IWB sheath. Great knife, comfortable carry.


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Here's the Krait boot that Les Robertson an exclusive on . It can be found on his page.
Comes with a 6 way Tac tools kydex sheath

420v and carbon fiber. Also has the MPS draw system on it.

Web Site At
Take a look!!!

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Thanks for help.
Just to explain: I am a knife collector and that*s reason why I want to get a boot knife. Maybe I*ll need it in the woods because I like hiking and mounteneering and I am a member of local rafting club.

What about one of the Boker boot knives, I do not own one but they seemed nice at the store...I very seldom wear boots.
WOW, nice piece. How big is the blade?
Hey guys, I wear Rocky snake boots and have carried a 7" utility custom w/Kydex sheath in my boot and really don't even know it's there as far as comfort goes. I use it to cut briars & weeds and such out of my way when I go squirrel hunting. Also, I carry a 3" blade sheath knife but it is not long enough to do the above.
I have often carried a boot knife in the boot... The boot knife needs to be smallish... I carried an EK Agent boot knife for some time till I lost it during an extended food chase that went through some swamp areas... I had had that knife for YEARS. I was NOT a HAPPY CAMPER.

By the way - if your near MOORLAND in Henrico county, and find an EK BOOT KNIFE - please send it back to me - It's daddy misses it!

Wearing Combat Boot, 9inch Magnum Hitech's, or a Western Cowboy Boot makes a boot knife quite easy.

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