Best buy folder under $75?

Oct 17, 1998
I want to buy myself a Christmas present! What would you recommend as the "best buy" for a folder under $75 - and why?

Best under 75 bucks....I would say the CRK&T Apache would be my pick...I bought one, cost me 50 bucks or so, has ATS34 steel which holds a damn good edge, aluminum handles, liner lock, etc...the construction is perfect, lockup is perfect, and it cuts like crazy...

runner up: new Spyderco Endura '98...

Either Benchmade AFCK should be around that price and both are great and most everyones favorite. Just check our links section and you should be able to find them.

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Rob, I have asked several people the same question and more than a few folks told me to check out the Squire from Buck's new Master Series. The blade is BG-42 and it sports a emerald green dyamond wood handle. It's $69.95 at the Knife Center. I just ordered one today. There is a review of it in the Review section. The blade is 2 3/4" Let us know what you decide.

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