Best Chat on the Net

Oct 14, 1998
If any of you haven't checked out the new IRC Blade Chat, do so. Just be sure not to make any plans for several hours, because you'll find it tough to leave. I myself am up way too late because of it, go figure


P.S: Hey Spark, does this mean I can keep chatting?

I agree!
The chat is great...there have been alot of people to come out, and its a great meeting place! If you havent tried it out yet...DO!


Mouse Assassins inc.

Yeah, Come and hang out, meet a lot of people, and join "The Usual Gang of Suspects", (Yeah that’s us, we know who we are).

Take Care,

Ok! sounds great! But where do i find it? is it me whom is stupid, or what?
Later, 2Sharp

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I was out of town for 5 days and came back and each time I checked into para Chat nobody was there. Any of the chat regulars wondering,like myself they have moved to IRC Chat which has to be downloaded from the mian page on bladeforums.Also DC has included a step by step for all of us computor illiterates, very helpfull! I was on it last nite for the first time and let me say that it was well worth the move,very nice presentation. See you there!