Best Fighting Knife

Oct 16, 1999
Hello group,

What would consider the best high performance fighting knife with the following general specifications;

- Fixed blade
- Six inch blade or longer

I am kind of partial to the Ka-bar, but unfortunately the steel used in the blade is only average.

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I've personally gone round and round on this. If you limit it to blades that can actually be carried on the street you'll hit a blade length limit of around 10", more or less.

There's no one answer.

The classic European answer was a long skinny double-edge dagger. You get very precise control over where the tip is, for placement on an armor's weak spot and penetrating.

Downside: limited cutting power, low utility usage.

Japanese: the Tanto was seldom a "geometric point", it usually had a belly. It was a nicely balanced package capable of cutting, stabbing and utility. It was light enough to do fairly fine point control like the dagger.

Ghurka Kukuri: an amazing weapon. Great utility knife, acceptable stabber against unarmored targets, good cutter, but the biggie was CHOPPING. Your basic overhead smash, or a chop at a limb, basic "hatchet" tricks. Not subtle, but highly effective. Some Filipino Bolos have enough heft they can do similar, but most capable of real power were outside of street-daily-carry size ranges.

"Bowie" types: heavier blade than your average "dagger" type and at least partially double-edge - usually. I consider the Mad Dog Panther the best interpretation of the Bowie concept made today. Bigger ones were usually slower, a few rivaled the Kukuris for heft.

Kerambit: An Indonesian piece with a radical forward curve, often (usually?) double-edge. It influenced what we call the "Hawksbill" blades, the Spyderco Civilian, the Szabo/Black Cloud UUK and other "forward sweep" designs smaller than a Kukuri. These can hook and trap enemy limbs, controlling their position and setting up other fun while doing damage.

So hmmm. There's plenty more classic types, but this is a start. designing my own personal fighter, I tried to combine the extra stabbing power of a double-edged blade with the overhead smash ability of a Kukuri and the "hooking" of a Kerambit. I won't repost blueprints of The Outsider yet again, EMail if you haven't seen it and are curious. Scott Evans at Edgeworks is sheathing it now, he says people who see it either hate it go absolutely nuts over it.

Photos soon, I hope.

Jim March
Thats like asking the best gun caliber or the best car etc.Do research on different models both factory and custom and determine whats best suited for you as far as handle ratio to the size of your hand. Concealablity or carrying system. As far as steel goes it's a buyers market for what ever type you decide on.Blade shape,double edge or single edge.The possibilities are vast.
The only way i would ever use a knife to fight would be if it was what i had with me when i had to defend myself or family.

The larger (8-10")Bowies made by a bladesmith that knows what they are doing, and puts a nice distill taper to the blade is no heavier than your standard KaBar, and much better balanced, stronger, sharper etc... They are not even close to the weight of a "kukri".

Give me about an 8-9" Fisk Pit Boss.

I would not choose any blade much longer simply becuase one of the primary factors in defending yourself is being able to "present" your weapon quickly.Ive found anything over about 8" for me is too long to "present" quickly.

The most important factor (in my opinion) is being familiar with your knife. Also consider comfort and handling of the knife. That is why i prefer the well made "bowie" types(i.e. Pit Boss), nothing handles as well, in my opinion.

(light, quick handling, sharp knife with bad intentions on your part)
The Extrema Ratio located at the link below looks pretty deadly. Anyone know anything about it ??? Could be junk for all I know (!)

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The new "next generation" Ka-Bar's are AWESOME. 8" blade, Tanto or clip point, better steel, etc. They won't break your wallet either. I carry my old ka-bar from the Navy (EOD) and my SOG Pentagon both when in the field and I always have a Delta Dart or similar extremely hidden weapon elsewhere.

Personally I love knives and blades of all sorts. But.......................
Put a 40 cal. or 9mm round in 'em and they won't get close enough to need a

Took a look at the Doberman. black blade is the only way to go unless you go to a really flat polish. Too much chance for reflection and alerting the target to your presents. "If" you can verify your blade is ats-34, and "if" the blade is not ground to thin towards the edge like it looks, and if you can deal with the wooden handle, sounds like a plan to me. Besides, you have a money back guarantee. If it sucks, send it back. Never Did check on the price though. Anything over 150 for a wooden handled knife regardless of what it looks like is too much. It does "look" like a badboy though doesn't it?

I can recomend a Khyber-type knife.
For example you may have a look on LONESOME PINE persian fighter or Hyrum Hunter utilities. A bit expensive, but
you can find the same design for a less price.
Hey bro, go to knifeforums and check out the review on the Project by Chris Reeve. It ain't cheap though, 299$. But the spear or the drop point are both way bloody cool.
it's the only one that has gotten my attention away from my Ka-bar.