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Best fighting tomahawk?

Production or Custom? I'm not too familiar with custom tomahawk makers, but as far as Production tomahawks, Cold Steel makes some very affordable ones. They are rather plain looking but I have only seen them in their catalogue.
King Grinch,I suggest you visit the American Tomahawk Co. forum over in Makers/Mfgrs.

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Jan 22, 1999
American Tomahawk currently produces two Rogers' Rangers Hawks that are historical reproductions from the French & Indian War period. They have also just begun production of the LaGana Vietnam Tomahawk and have several more designs slated for future production.

RMJ Forge also offers quality handmade tomahawks in a wide range of styles & are definitely worth a look.

BTW, although Cold Steel hawks are plain, they can be dressed up with a little work.

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Please check out the spike tomahawks we make at RMJ Forge. We just shipped out an Eagle Spike Tomahawk to a Comtech certified edged weapons instructor.
To see the spike hawks go to:
Ryan Johnson - bladesmith, RMJ Forge