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Best Folder under $120

Jan 23, 2000
I was wondering what was the best folder available at the moment for under $120 - for those of us who can't afford a Sebenza!
This would be for general utility/camping use, thanks.
I like my Spyderco Wegner, or BM p.p. 730s. The Wegner is a solid built knife, and has that loud "clack!" when the liner lock engages.

It depends what you want it for. I believe that one of the best knives for under $120 is a 98 delica. The steel is great (ats-55), the blade configuration lends itself to s/d and utility, and it is relatively well made. Now it doesn't come close to my MT socom but at around $35-40 it can't be beat.
Random Task by Kershaw, even the name is about what you are asking for, and it's a trick knife to have around!


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No surprise here, Im going to say the Spyderco Wegner. There is no better outdoor/camping folder made, until they upgrade the Wegner anyway. With the extra money you can get a Syderco Moran.

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Define folder under 120$?
Is that a knife that you can find at one netdealer under 120$ ? Is that a knife that most netdealers offer for less than 120$? Is that a knife with 120$ MSPR? Is shipping included?....

I found my Random Task at 87$ + shipping 7$(to europe) but normally it is more than 120$ + shipping at netdealers. I don't know if it is the best under 120$ folder I have but it is the best deal (not compared to deals with other members) I have made.

Just make your pick! There's a bunch of Spydies, BMs, Kershaws, CRKTs, Cold Steels,

You just have to pick what you like. I'd claim that there "isn't a single best folder". Love my BM710 if you want a hint,

Wow, there are really too many possibilities. My first thought is to go with shootist and the Spyderco Wegner, as an alternative to the standard replies, I would suggest a Buck Custom 110 with a BG 42 blade, and your choice of handle material. Beauty, Form and Function, IMHO a hard knife to beat.

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Spyderco Starmate or Wegner- I can't decide which I like best.

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Too many nice ones to choose from. That's
why I own several and alternate carry (dumb
but fun). Presently, my favorite is the
Wegner (Jr. or Sr.) because of its' great
blade configuration and feel. Two weeks ago
the BM750 topped my likings. Next week, who
knows? By the way, this is off-topic, but
the other night I seen a Kershaw Blackout
offered up for sale with a group of Chinese
knock-offs on that Shop-At-Home knife show.
Kinda surprising.
Wegner is the boss.

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It may not be the greatest for all uses, but you can get a SIFU from discountknives at just under $120. For a basic carry, REKAT Carnivore

Don't forget to pay your taxes...they eventually become my knives:)

Benchmade 720 Axis. Great blade shape, comfy handle, awesome reliable lock.

I find liner locks unacceptable, but if I were not a liner lock bigot, I too would put the Wegner up there. And the AFCK -- at ~$85, still a competitor to anything out there at any price.

A Spyderco Calypso Jr. for class, an Outdoor Edge Magna for serious work

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