best fully serrated folder?

Oct 14, 1998
well guys?
what do you think?
please try and explain your choices.
so far i'm thinking the spydie military or the benchmade afck.
Ginsu knife,
Sorry, couldn't resist that.
Spyderco Military, I own a plainedge one,but if you were to go serrated, go with Spyderco.
The worker is also a nice Spyderco knife, very sharp and not to big,

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Military "Military" fans unite!!!
For the money....buck crosslock with the sheepsfoot blade...cuts and cuts and cuts...
The Calypso Jr. ain't bad either..
The fully serrated Military gets my vote for the best fully serrated folder. Honorable mentions go to the Calypso C54BMS and the Endura.

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If you go fully toothed, MILITARY hands down!! if you do the combo thing, EDI GENESIS-1,or MICROTECH SOCOM or any of the spydies and theres MISSION KNIVES,highend stuff!!
I like my Spyderco Police, it is the only fully serated folder I own.

Without a doubt Spyderco Military - reason: unique blade steel
They are a pain in the butt to sharpen, but I think you have to at least look at the Cold Steel knives. Very nice for the $

Endura. Cheap and fits my hand well.


While not a big fan of serrated patterns, my experience with them includes the CS sheepsfoot bladed Emergency Rescue. I am hesitant to admit it but this is a very useful and convenient "slide opening" knife and can cut fibrous material very well. Its serrations can be easily touched up with the Spyderco Sharpmaker or better yet the DMT Diafold series tapered diamond rod.


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Another vote for the Spyderco Military.
Can't wait to see if they produce one with the rolling lock.
I bought a Cold Steel El Hombre a few months ago, and the thing cuts like a bastard. This is partially due to the curveture of the blade, and patially because those serrations are NASTY! They grab and shred things like you read about...
My Spyderco Civilian tops my list - by a wide margin over anything else. It has a special place in my heart and pocket.
You didn't mention size. So the answer is Spyderco. Among their many other firsts and accomplishments is the fact that are responsible for the popularization of serrations on folding knives. There may have been serrated folders before Spyderco but they were few and far between and they were the first ones to get it right. Their 2 stage pattern is excellent and it works! What's more they come in all sizes from co-pilot and dragonfly to Endura, Police and Military. I don't yet own a Military but among my favorite large folders are the Endura and Aluminum handled Police model. I've also taken a real shine to the Rescue II lately.


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