Best Hunting Season Ever.......

Garth Reckner

Dec 13, 2004
I had a problem with a camera this year during hunting season. By problem I mean I lost the camera that had all my hunting season pics on it. Anyway I found it finally and posted the pics on Knifehunters buck contest thread.

However there was one pic that deserved its own thread. Aside from the pic itself the story is really what warrants special attention.

Ever since I can remember, hunting has been one connection with my Dad that has always been there. Regardless of what life would throw at us throughout the year when hunting season rolled around I never had to look for a hunting partner, Dad is always ready.

For years my Dad would work his butt off to make sure I got a deer. If hunting was slow he would always pass up a deer in order to let me take the shot. He would walk for miles to try to push something my way. And even when I would make a less than ideal shot he was always right there with me tracking for hours, sometimes all night in the worst possible conditions.

He always thought of my success first and because of that he never really got a deer that was worthy of the time and effort that he put in...........Until this year.

He scored the deer of a life time. Still wasn't easy as he had to sit and watch it for almost 8 hours before a shot presented itself. He is way more patient than I am. I would have tried to force the issue and probably would have messed it up, but not him. After 8 hours of watching this guy lay out in a hay field the deer finally got up and walked past Dad's stand. He made a text book perfect shot and the buck made it less than 30 yards before dropping for good.

I made sure that the head made it to the best taxidermist I could find and hopefully by this fall Dad's trophy will be above the fireplace at his house.

There really was nothing like being able to share this experience with my Dad. He is generally a man of few words and never really gets excited about much of anything, especially if it is something he accomplished. Getting to see the smile on his face, getting to share the time with him and my sons, made this without a doubt the best hunting season ever.

Here's is a pic of my boys and our hunting hero Dad/Grandpa.

Congrats Dad.

That's awesome Garth --- your Dad sounds like a great guy. Cheers to him landing the right deer at the right time.
This is an awesome story Garth. Score one for the good guys of the world!! And offer a big congratulations to your dad!
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Great story Garth; he sounds like a very good man, and a thoughtful, caring father. Congrats to him on his impressive hunt.
Good stuff Garth thanks for posting and sharing!

Those are the memories were left with gotta love em:thumbup:
A big congrats to your Dad, what a great buck, and WOW, that is some patience! :eek:

I got to take my two youngest out this year, 14 and 11. My 11 year old took his first deer, a doe opening morning, it's such a great feeling seeing your children being successful, and enjoying hunting.

My 14 year old passed a couple of easy shots, because she couldn't take a smaller deer than what her little brother took.
Your dad does have way more patience than you! I am pretty sure I test your patience daily in only a few minutes.:p Too bad there aren't more pictures, I want more! :D
That is awesome!!! I couldn't get my dad to sit more than 10 minutes fishing, let alone hunt deer with me. You are two lucky Hogs! I have been trying to teach my self how to Bow hunt and man has been a pain in the _ _ _!
Great story and picture. Sounds like you have a fantastic father. I wish mine had been like yours.:thumbup: