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Best knife for your attire

Oct 27, 1998
I'm a blue jeans guy but I do work in a coat and tie world. I always carry a knife or two. Comfortable jeans call for a CQC7 970 or a Kershaw Stark in my right pocket and a KISS money clip in my left pocket with keys. Dress pants call for a lower profile...so far the best I have is the MT miniSocom, which fits perfectly in a pair of Clairborne dress pants. No I'm not a fashion freak, but these pants have an inner pocket wich hold any small life in a nice vertical position without getting scratched by key, change, etc. Personally, my knive pocket is only that. Any opinions. I hope this thread was worth the read!
I carry a knife that I designed and made. It is a dress knife which I clip inside my waist band. I also have to wear dress pants (Dockers) for the job I have. This carry position works great for me since I can access the knife with either hand. I also carry a 5" fix blade knife in my brief case.
For what it's worth, I think the plain-edged Spyderco Calypso is a very nice choice. It's small, not too expensive, and I think it looks very nice in a pair of dress slacks.
My choice of carry knife is also dictated
by my dress code. When I'm wearing jeans, it's an Emerson Commander or Sebenza. A Sawby custom or RJ Martin neck knife for when
I'm in dress pants. The clip on the Sawby is
the only one that doesn't cause wear at the
top of my pockets.
Let me throw in a vote for the Spyderco Viele. Low profile and very classy IMO.
On the other hand, unless there's a marryin' or a buryin', I'm never in dress pants.


I too wear a coat n tie and have had great success carrying a one hand opener for years. (Elishewitz M5 Omega then, now EDI Genesis I or large Reeve Sebenza) I also have found that the Spyderco Moran featherweight in a slip sheath works great in the front right pocket of my pants too.

I think a good dress knife will have two characteristics:

1. Classy Looks &
2. Functional Operation

There is one knife that comes to mind that I really like by Greenaway. It is a meteorite, mammoth ivory & damascus one handed liner-lock. It is a fun knife that almost anyone can appreciate. The meteorite bolsters are especially fun to show off.

If you would like to take a look here is a link: <a href="http://www.knifeart.com/knifeart/metmamivdamf.html">Greenaway Knife</a>

Good Thread!


I personally vote for the BM850 Mel Pardue.
I was in the look for a dressy knife, saw the BM850, and was sold on it. Ivory micarta scales, rainbow anodized titantium bolsters and liners. Very nice.