Best Long Term Urban Pocket Knife

I am looking for a good knife to carry on a daily basis in an urban environment. So here is my question: Which one knife would you pick if that would be the only knife you could carry around under these circumstances for lets say the next ten years? In other words, which is your favorite small to medium folder for the long haul. Price is not a factor.

The models I am considering are:
1) Chris Reeve: Small Sebenza - either wood inlay or the classic version
2) Kit Carson: M18 small size
3) Darrel Ralph: Apogee
4) Tom Mayo: TNT small

I would appreciate comments about these models as well as other suggestions.

Thanks, protodoc
Of the four you mention I have held them all! I liked them all also! The TNT is a great knife with its integral lock. It is on the light side. It is hard to fault a Carson knife and the model 18 is a great one to carry. Darrel Ralph is in a class of his own! I currently carry a MADD MAXX by him. Anything but small! Of course you would be surprised how easy it is to carry. The Apogee is a thin, light knife that carry's well. Chris Reeve Sebenza's are hard to beat and a wood inlayed model is stunning.

I haven't helped you very much in picking out a knife, just bragged on them ALL and made it more difficult. Going out on a limb and will say the Apogee or CRK wood inlay in the LARGE model. The large CRK is not all that big and carry's well in jeans or dress slacks.

One you don't mention and I will throw in at no charge is Pat Crawford. One of his Point Guards in titanium would make an all around great knife. It has a 3 1/2" blade and you can fancy it up or have it plain jane and either way it is a suberb knife.

Just one man's thoughts. Your's may vary!

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If I could make the choice between those knives I would have saved a lot of money
I'll let you know if I can live without any of them once I get my TNT.

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I own three out of the four (Reeve, Carson, Mayo) on your list, although they are larger than what you're looking at.

Sebenzas are beautifully made, but the design values functionality and strength over ergonomic concerns. I find an integral (frame) lock easier to use than a liner lock--a subjective opinion, as both are proven designs that work well in the hands of an experienced designer. I like the Sebenza, but I always know I'm carrying it.

My choice would be the Mayo. No other knife has the ability to "disappear" in my pocket like the TNT. It is a lot of blade in a small, streamlined package. I find the medium to be a nearly ideal size for everyday use, but I will be getting the other two sizes because I like the general concept and execution.

You have no bad choices on your list, but you will find one knife will fit best with your needs and preferences for everyday use. For me, that would be the TNT.

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Of all the knives you menyioned I have experience with the small Sebenza and I think that it is a great pocket knife. It is light but ultra sturdy. I like the plain one because you don't have to worry about keeping it pretty. The Apogee would be great too. I would want one plain or in carbon fiber.
I own 2 of the 4 and I don't think you could go wrong with any one of them as they are all great and backed very well.

You should make a personal choice as far looks and size, but I can think of nothing else.

I was just playing with a small Apogee Illusion today, and I really liked that. I was also playing with a Boguszewski custom, and if I can scrape the cash together, I'm giving the dealer a call and buying that one.


IMHO the small Sabanza is a perfect urban daily carry knife. It's legal just about everywhere in the USA and built to last forever.
Thanks to everyone for the input.
I haven't made a decission yet but at least it appears that these are all solid choices.

Ah, sweet indecission. Well, the hunt is better than the kill.