Best Machette I've Ever Used!

Larry in KY

Feb 8, 1999
A while back I purchased a Parang from Ross Aki with a 14" blade of ATS-34, 1/8" stock and cord wrapped handle and kydex sheath.
I have used it a lot clearing my property of briars, small, saplings, weeds, etc;...the ATS-34 has really changed my opinion of that steel. I have used several custom ATS-34 blades and factory ones too and none come even close to the performance of this blade!! When it came time to sharpen the blade I figured that it would be difficult to sharpen properly....not so at all, actually it is very easy to sharpen and in the same class as most forged blades!! Ross says that he uses a special heat treatment for his ATS-34, and man do I believe him. Also, his workmanship is great. The cord wrapped handle makes using the machette very comfortable in use.
He also makes knives of all sorts (except fighting) and I plan on ordering one in the future.
If anyone wants a high, quality machette that really performs then I highly recommend Ross Aki. Chiro 75 had recommended him to me and I am really grateful for that as I'm one happy camper!
Thanks for the review! I'd love to know more. Can you give us an idea of the balance of your parang? At 14" is it fairly blade heavy, or is it ground and tapered to maintain balance close to the handle? Any sign of deformation of the edge from impacting on hardwood or other hard material, or have you used it much for chopping? How thick a sapling can you get through with one swing? Can you get good enough speed to cut swaths through light stuff like free-standing weeds and grasses? Do you know what the RC hardness is? Flat or convex edge bevels?
The parang balances about in the is made from 1/8" stock and isn't tapered. It has a modified convex edge that can be easily sharpened on a stone. I have used it just about for everything and have hit rocks and other things you aren't suppose to! It has had a couple of minor chips (that were removed when I sharpened it...very small chips). Actually, I haven't tried cutting saplings much larger than a broomstick, and it cuts through them with ease. Yes, it will cut grass and the like, you wouldn't believe how sharp this ATS-34 will get, and I only go to 220 grit. If I went to say 600 grit or so it would be awesome, however, wouldn't hold that polished edge long cutting what I do.
You know I need to find out what the RC hardness is! I am extremely impressed with how it long it holds an edge and even more impressed with how easy it is to's just hard to believe! I will find out the hardness of it and let you know Will.
Thanks for the review. I have a machete on order from Ross and I am very much looking forward to it. When I ordered mine I handn't read that much about Ross on the forums but it seems of late his name has been popping up quite a bit. It is now making me look more forward to getting my SBM. The parang is sweet looking. I liked the looks of the blade.

How would it be for trimming hedges and bushes? My hedge clipper is dull and I dont feel like getting a new one. Someone was suppose to come over and do the hedges but he is taking too much of his sweet time and if the guy doesn't come over by the time I get the machete, then I might have to be out there trying out this new puppy on my overgrown shrubbery.
Cliff....I said modified because it was done so it could be sharpened on a flat stone, however, it is still a convex edge.

Donna....I don't know how "precise" one could hedges with it, but I suppose it could be done, though I'd use a hedge trimmer.

This machette is a "cutting machine"....I have to be careful with it!!
Larry, I don't quite follow how that it possible, assuming you mean using straight strokes on a flat hone as you would to sharpen a v-ground edge. What exactly is the modification? Is the primary grind convex with a flat ground edge bevel?

Cliff, yes the edge is convex with a flat ground edge bevel. BTW, I have seen one of your post where you mentioned that Ed Schott makes a great edge, what exact type edge is it?

Jedi Knife, mine cost $125 plus shipping & insurance. Ross does excellent work, and puts an outstanding edge on it...I think that the price was a bargain....especially considering the large piece of ATS-34 that he used! You can e-mail me privately if you have any more questions. Larry in KY

I'm pumped! I've got a Straight Back Machete on order from Ross. I'm hoping for "light sabre" performance on briars and other undergrowth.
For you guys with SBM's on order, you are going to LOVE them! I have been using mine for almost a year, and the only sharpening it has needed is on the part that I smashed against a concrete block hidden in some brush I was cutting! It is a very efficient cutter and super light weight so you can cut all day with it. One other thing, the review is still up on my webpage if you want to take a look at it...

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Ed Schott's edges are like puukko edges -- one single bevel, that goes all the way to the very edge. That leaves them very very thin.

Agree Ross makes beautiful machetes. I have a review over here, a comparison between <a href="">Ross's SBM and Newt Livesay's RCM</a> if you are interested...