Feb 3, 2001
Hello, how are you guys? I was wondering what Multi-tool you thought was best and why? Which one holds up the best? Has the most features? Is the best use of space? Also, do most of you who carry a multi-tool also carry a tactical knife for one-handed use? Do any of the new multi-tools with one hand opening blades replace a seperate tactical? Let me know what you think! Thanks! Have a good one!
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I carry a Leatherman Wave,which I purchased in December. Prior to that, I carried a Gerber Multi Plier for 10 years.

The Gerber held up extremely well, but after 10 years, it was showing signs of wear, mainly on the plier jaws, and the wire cutter. I would highly recommend a Gerber to anyone who needs a serious hard use multi tool. I like the Leatherman I'm now carrying, but it isn't as heavy duty as the Gerber, which has prompted my very recent purchase of a Gerber 600. I'm still carrying the Leatherman daily, but will probably switch it out with the Gerber soon.

As for a 'tactical' folder, I also carry a Benchmade 720 as of late. I also carry a BM 970 on occasion, and still have a BM 9050 AFO that finds its way onto my belt, but infrequently now.

My opinion? Carry both a folder, AND a multi tool. They both come in handy for just about anything you could think of.


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I carry a Leatherman PST which I can open with one hand as you can see in this video.

I've often said that it is not so important which multitool that you choose, just choose one and carry it. As you do this, you will start to see the world in terms of that tool. When you confront a problem, you'll think of solutions in terms of that tool. You'll start to find new and innovative ways to use that tool. So, you ask "Which one has the most features?" Well, it depends on how long you've carried it. There are a lot of "features" to my PST that are not in the manual. I discovered those "features" only by carrying this tool and getting to know it for years.

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This is one of those topics that always seems to be active somewhere on the forums.

My current favorite multi-tool is the Gerber Legend (aka Multi-Plier 800). It offers a fairly common set of functions, but several of them are unusually capable.

The pliers spring-open and have comfortable handles. The wire cutter uses replaceable tungsten/cobalt cutters. The saw is actually a mechanism that can hold any standard 2" jigsaw blade; it comes with one for cutting metal.

All tools are accessible with the pliers closed. All of them lock, but are easy to unlock.

Both the knife blade and the scissors are equipped with thumb-studs which allow them to be opened with one hand. The unlocking mechanism also allows them to be closed with one hand.

Finally, the Legend is built for heavy use, but made of lightweight materials. It isn't too big or too heavy to carry with you all the time.

Over the years I have carried the original Leatherman, the BuckTool, the Leatherman SuperTool, the SOG PowerPlier, and the Victorinox SwissTool. The only one I was ever unhappy with was the Buck, but I prefer the Gerber Legend to all of them.

--Bob Q
Ooops... I forgot to mention that despite the Legend's excellent one-handed blade I still carry a Kershaw Boa clipped to my pocket. It's quicker and easier to draw from a pocket clip than a velcro-closed pouch. Besides, I like knives.

--Bob Q
Tactical, welcome to the forums!

I carry the Leatherman Supertool. It is one massive, heavy weight on my belt, and is not the easiest multitool to access and release the individual tools on, but ... it is pretty compact and rock solid. It will do the job under rough conditions. I don't use it as much as before I retired, but I'd hate to carry anything I had less confidence in, in a pinch.

The only thing it's really missing is scissors, which is why the Micra was invented!

I picked up a Schrade Tough Tool, to give my Leatherman a rest, but the Schrade is almost as heavy, and it's actually less compact. It does have interesting cutting tools, though, and it's a lot easier to access them. But I wouldn't dare hammer with it, the way I do the Leatherman.
Hey thanks guys!
The topic may be like beating a dead horse to you, but it's new to me! I have carried multi-tools for 5 years, but people still give me grief about being MACGUYVER! Don't get me started about the hard time I get when I carry even a 3 inch one-hander! Must sleep now , will check back tommorow! Thank you much! Be careful out there! ^_^!
Despite the number of times this subject has come up,I think that Gollnick has put this into perspective well.I can't shake carrying my Schrade Tough Tool because I have come to understand it's features so well and it is almost a part of me.Had I started with something else,I'd be stuck on that tool.I also carry a large lockback and more recently a Case folder.Happy multi-tooling!

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Like everyone else you quickly learn that a multi-tool is only handy when you have it! For me that means that I carry a Leatherman wave. I can get to the knife quickly and with one hand. I still carry a larger folder and a Swiss Army knife as a key chain but find that I tend to use the Wave more than other multi-tools I have had because of the convenience of the one-handed blade. I am currently having a kydex sheath made for it to make it even simpler.
Code 3, I didn't know you were a BM 720 fan. Me to. Would you believe I stopped carrying a sebenza to carry a BM 720?

For multitools, I'd vote for a leatherman. I especially like the new Pulse for every day carry. It's big in the pocket but manageable.


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I love my BM 720. I started carrying it in August, and it is probably the best BM I have owned so far. I am suprised how well the aluminum scales have held up, with only a few light scratches in the anodizing. I have the SBT version, and the BT2 has also held up well.
Although i don't carry it often, I have the Leatherman Supertool. I don't carry it only because of the vertical carry. I'm gonna grab a horizontal pouch, and then carry it much, much more often. Even though it ain't perfect, i really like this tool.

still, i always do/will carry a second folding knife for easier access to a blade.
I prefer the gerber 600 series. Not only do they seem to be tougher than the majority of the competition, they're the best bang for the buck. I like the features they have also. The slide action pliars are alot nicer than the fan handle type.
I use my 600 daily and pretty hard though. I work on a farm and train horses so the wire cutters get used alot working ona the baler and breaking open bales of hay and straw. I like to be able to open them one handed wihtout any trouble when I'm crawling around enderneath a baler in the middle fo a straw field. The other tools are good too. Its nice how they all lock open.
The Leatherman Wave is a top quality tool too. I like its design alot, but its handles and jaws are a little to small to suit me. ALson with the fact that its not qwuite as heavy duty and the pliars are fan handles. I would guve it soem strong consideration though if I was looking for something fairly light wieght that didn't need to take too much abuse.

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Great to hear from you all! I have found the SOG Powerlock, Crunch, and Kershaw to be the only multi-tools that move a stubborn fastener. I like the SpyderWrench, but miss a saw and needle nose. BuckTool drives me crazy with the 3 blade screwdrivers camming out all the time!
Does anyone know if the new 4 blade drivers on the BuckTool are better! Be careful out there!
I love my Leatherman Super Tool far more than my Wave (gave to Dad for Xmas!)

However, I find myself carrying my SwissTool with me daily. I think it is the Victorianox name, that makes me carry it, as well as its fit and finish. Heck it is even a good tool!

Dunno why I am not carrying my ST, I will have to dig it out and have another look at it!


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Forgot to mention I always have a one handed folder with me too. Benchmade 750S right now, its great.

As for stubborn fasteners, I can't loosen them with my gerber 600, but I CAN BREAK them OFF
I've twisted things in two clear up to 1/4" bolts with it

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer... but I've got the sharpest knife in the room.
If big, it should be the Victorinox SwissTool X (with scissors).
The medium ones: Leatherman PST II or Wave or Pulse.
The small ones: Leatherman Micra.
SOG power plier. I've destroyed a number of leatherman's but this keeps on going. (I did have to replace the small screwdriver though)
I perfer my LM wave to my various Gerber models as it seems better built and I've seen to many Gerbers completely destroyed by some of my less responsible squids.

And like Mr. Gollick my LM is trained for on handed opening

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