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Best Multi-tool

Nov 27, 2000
I am looking at getting a multitool. Until now I have only use a vicorianox swiss army knife and a pair of wire cutters given to me called linesman's tools. Which multitool is the best one to get out there. I have been looking at the swiss tool and the wave as well as the pulse, but am unsure which direction to go. I would be using the knife for a variety of uses some of them not so conventional.
Hey USMC...

Welcome to bladeforums...

Enjoy your stay...

Now as far as which MultiTool to buy...

There are a Pile of them Eh !!

I've got a bunch of them myself,, and the one I really like the best is the Leatherman Wave....

In my Nite-Ize tool pouch I carry as Leatherman original,, but if I could somehow Squeeze the Wave in there the original would be replaced in a heartbeat...

It's a good tool,, and has most Everything on it that you would need in the field....

So I guess I'd say the Wave ,,but there are some other Really nice ones out there...

Hope this helps more than confuses...

Semper Fi...


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I have the original leatherman, leatherman supertool, leatherman wave, leatherman micra, leatherman pulse, sog crossgrip, and an SAK multitool.

My favorite: the pulse. It's lighter than the wave, sak, and supertool. It has a more solid feel than the wave (much like the original and the supertool), it has scissors, it has rounded corners on the handle and most importantly, all the tools lock. The SAK multitool is awesome but I don't like the the slightly rounded corners on the flat screwdrivers (a very minor complaint) and it's too big for me to carry in my pocket. The pulse is "pocketable" (and it's in my pocket right now).

If you want the most tools, get the SAK, wave, or supertool. The wave and the newer SAK have scissors, if that's important to you. Of those three, the wave is more "pocketable" but the fit and finish on the SAK is unsurpassed.

I've left out gerbers, etc. I know a lot of people like gerbers. Last time I took a close look at gerbers was about 4 years ago and concluded then that they were essentially junk. Poor machining and the flat screwdrivers were incredibly rounded. But in the past 4 years I've heard a lot of good things about them. But, can't say myself. However, you can't go wrong with a Leatherman.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.

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in my opinion, the Victorinox Swiss Tool is the best and most functional tool. The only disadvantage are the non-fixing pliers (like Gerber).

If you want to carry only the tool and no additional knife, the Leatherman Wave could be helpful because of the one-hand-opening knife, but you can't fix the other tools.

So there is no optimal tool, but you can find one matching most of your needs.

I was a Wave man, after using about every permutation of Gerbers, the Leatherman PSTII and Supertool, and 2 Swisstools. I ordered a Pulse and am waiting for it to arrive. Will post my impressions when I do!

Clay Fleischer
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All in all the best bang for your buck is a Leatherman Pulse.If I was allowed only one choice,that would be it.It is a drag that every multi-tool is missing something or another but compare the Pulse to others.

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Hi All,

In all the debates about multi tools I have heard many folks rave about the leatherman products. I own the original leatherman tool and used it for years. I never liked the way the pliers stuck when trying to open the jaws and the feel of the handle when gripping. I understand that the newer designs have corrected the handle problems. Don't know if the newer ones have better pliers or not.

I carried a Gerber flat nose plier for a while but it is too bulky for my pocket and I don't care for belt sheaths. I do love the quality of the pliers and the sharpness of the screwdriver blades. Also the phillips is much better and the overall blade materials are superior to Leatherman IMO. Tjese tools also featrue and adjustable tension spring action for the blades. Recently I bought a new Gerber 400? series which is a 3/4 size tool and it fits my pocket more comfortably. Also has a fiskar scissors. Very nice tool.

There ya go.

Peter Atwood
Forgot to mention, Gerber has a website that features a build your own custom tool page. The only thing was, it didn't really allow you to build quite the perfect tool because there was always something from column A that I really wanted but you couldn't put it in Column B. (Column A and B refers to the right and left side of the tool) Example: I really wanted the file but couldn't get it unless I sacrificed the large flat screwdriver. The thing is that I examined my tool closely and discovered that there is plenty of room to put all the tools I wanted in one custom tool but the options just wouldn't let me. Maybe I'll send them an email and point this out.


Welcome to the Forums.

I have a handful of Leatherman (Leathermen?) tools and really have come to reliy on and appreciate them. The original PST is a nice size and weight. The clip model is somewhat smaller, easier to carry and less useful. The SuperTool is tougher, heavier and useful when afield. Most of the time I carry the Wave. Its feautires are more day to day useful than most anything I've seen. However, I have not yet seen the Pulse and suspect that I may change my tune at that event.

I have nothing against competing multi-tools and own/owned a few of them, but the Leatherman tools just plain work and provide good value.
I have not owned more than one multitool, a Gerber, but I have handled a few Leathermans. In my opinion, the Gerbers are far superior. The functionality of design, asthetic appearance and structural integrity is IMO beyond those of Leatherman. The flick-open pliers and locking mechanism are great!I recently compared a freind's Leatherman next to my Gerber (not sure what model mine is), and while the tools were comprable, it was very clear that the Gerber was made better. I've never understood why Leatherman has such a following. I'm sure that if you were to play with a Gerber, you would agree. My Gerber cost about $50 at Target. Check them out.
I've had just the opposite impression. The last Gerber I looked at was pathetic. Very poor machining, many rough surfaces, and the flat screwdrivers had unbelievablely rounded corners making them nearly useless. Never seen anything like this on a leatherman. But I haven't looked at the Gerbers in probably 4 years. They were so junky looking the last time I looked at them, I haven't had much interest in looking at them since. But perhaps they've improved. However, I have been following the multitool posts and one thing I've noticed is that there have been quite a few posts stating that their Gerbers broke. Given what I saw, it didn't surprise me. But I suppose I need to take another look at them.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
I have a Spyderench, and it beats all the others I've carried, most of the others mentioned in the other posts, the price is a little more than the others, $130.00, give or take $25.00, be sure to shop around, and go to Spyderco's website Ironhorse

Check out the Gerbers, seriously. They are much stronger built than the Leathermans right now. I didn't see the old Gerbers so I can't say if they have improved but I sure as heck can see the ones they have now in the stores and the Gerber has got it hands down for beefiness and fine machining. I think the teeth on the plier jaws can probably take more of a beating than the Leatherman too. I have not seen the Pulse yet so I will not totally commit to saying that Gerber is #1.

None of them beat the new Switchplier for the Kelwness Factor though...

Peter Atwood

I will have to give Gerbers another look. I admit it's been awhile.

The Pulse is really not much different from all the other LMs in terms of fit, finish, and strength. The Wave is the only tool that is markedly different in terms of general design.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.

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I love my leatherman Supertool...it has saved my butt a few times...and as a trucker I appreciate it being "built like a truck".
After carrying the new Leatherman Crunch every day for 3 months now,....I can't imagine ever replacing it.

Ed Jezz

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