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Best place to buy knives on the WEB??

What is the best place to buy knives on line?I am also having a time finding R.E.K.A.T. knives.
Any info would be appreciated!
I would also like to hear any comments on the Round Eye Pioneer!
Oct 5, 1998
If you go to the start page, you'll see the "links" page. There are plenty of places to buy knives in the links section. You can always try http://www.edgy-tools.com/ for starters.

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best place to buy really depends on what you want. Some sites have good deals on some knives and other sites others. As far as customer service goes I can personally recommend the knifecenter and confederate cutlery, www.confederatecutlery.com. Both of which are in the process of stocking REKAT.

I have a pioneer and love it. It is built like a tank.
For most production knives, I've had good experience with The Knifecenter. For customs, try Les Robertsons site.
Thanks for the info guys!!
Hey Shootist-does the clip on the Pioneer
move or wiggle much-I noticed only one screw holding the clip on!
I have never had any trouble out of mine. It is held on by one screw, but it has a "lip" that is bent down and fits into a hole in the g-10 that is supposed to help keep it from wiggling. It seems like I have seen a couple of threads where people have complained about the clip, though.
Mine wiggled bad. I got some lock-tite for a few bucks and it immediately fixed the problem. I noticed with my newer Pioneer the folks at REKAT already applied the lock-tite for me and the clip was solid.


I've done all my Internet knife-buying through Bruce Bullman of www.bullmancutlery.com. EXCELLENT prices on the major brands, and he will work with you to get harder-to-find stuff. After inquiring about the REKAT Escalator he said he will probably begin an account with them, so you can jump in on that deal if you want! Knowing his prices on other brands, his REKAT 's should sell quickly!
Hello, here are some i tried for great prices
some have great spcials
Beware some recommend because they are affilated with the websites

I had a really good experience with America's Best Cutlery (www.abc-direct.com). Service was quick and the price was good.
On the other hand, I called the Knife Center (www.knifecenter.com) and the told me they had the knife I was interested in, in stock. I ordered and waited and waited. I called back and they said it was back ordered and it would be 4 more days. I called 4 days later and they said they still wern't in, so I canceled and I won't go back.

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Hey guys try these first. They make this site possible as they actaully help pay the bills around here!
<a href="http://www.bladeforums.com/links/html/gp13.html">Click here for dealers that make this site possible!</a>

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Let's support BladeForums first. Check out Mike's references and buy there unless you absolutely can't resist that bargain price from some other web site.

Can't believe I said that (I'm the original knife nut on a budget)! Does sound right though.
My vote: ABC-Direct !
1st class service, very quick & great prices.
And Mike Gallagher is a great guy (I hope I'll meet him in person one day)!

Let your knives and minds stay sharp !
I cant help but feel the "beware" comment is directed at me so I will respond. The only affiliation I have with Confederate Cutlery is that my company designed the page. I have dealt with Jeff regularly before taking the contract to do the site. He has some great prices, on some items, and his customer service is second to none. Notice in my first post I also recommended the knifecenter. I have received good service from them as well. My company has done sites for several different companies. I do not recommend every company that does business with mine. I just thoght I would answer RJT's question as HONESTLY as I could. To think that just because someone does business with someone else means that they cant be ever give a recommendation is ludicrous. I am very careful about the recommendations I make. I feel that when someone recommends someone or something that persons own reputation is on the line. Would I recommend a company that I know to offer inferior service and ruin my own credibilty? I think not.
Mike's suggestion has great merit. I found that almost all my favorite dealers were supporters of this site.

ABC Direct is a wonderful place with which to do business, and Mike Gallagher is a fine gentleman, who is very knowledgeable.

Discount Knives is the place where I do most of my many-small-item shopping. Brian is courteous, has always answered my questions promptly, gives me UPS tracking numbers, and my complicated (one had about 30 different items) orders have been filled precisely and correctly. He is the most inexpensive place to buy the Sentry line of products, which are the best in lubricants and corrosion preventives, IMHO.

Darrel Ralph is making me a custom knife of Talonite (r). I consider his design and workmanship to be first rate. He sent me a sketch of the folder he is making me, which is quite similar to an Apogee, which he also makes. I thought the knife looked very nice, but when I saw the picture of the Apogee, it was obvious that the sketch didn't do the final product justice. He has an artist's eye for graceful lines.

Northwest Cutlery; truly fine folks. Steve and Leslie have been very helpful over the years, and treat me as if I were their only customer. Couldn't be better.

LDC Custom knives: Les Robertson is a very knowledgeable person, whose products reflect a true artist. This collaboration with Bob Neal has produced some very nice knives of different makers. I was able to see some of these on my recent visit to Ralf's home, and was very impressed.

I have not done any business with EDI or Chai Cutlery, but after chatting with Will Fennell and James Mattis on the mirc system, I wouldn't hesitate to buy any product from them that they recommend. James is one of the few dealers who personally inspects each knife for proper operation and workmanship before shipping. Will has had great success with EDI, and his presence on the chat forum is always marked by erudition and open friendliness.

So, I am not sure you could go wrong with any of the dealers who support our forum, but I can without reservation recommend the ones I have listed above. Walt