Best place to get kydex for khukuris?

Feb 1, 2001
I'd like to get some Kydex sheaths for a few of my khukuris. Does anyone recomend a place? How much do they cost on average? how long does it take to get them made? I appreciate any help!!! thank you!

Chris B.
personally, i don't have any kydex sheaths, but i think that mr. Terry Sisco might be able to help you out. he's probably around here somewhere.
There are a couple of threads in the old archives I remember. Sorry I don't have the link, but someone here more forum savvy than I will be along with it I'm sure.
hey Chris,

you can get concealex from Blade-tech,they make it. I like it better than kydex. I've done sheaths for a couple of my khuks and it's not hard at all. if you have any questions I'm at

by the way I'd recommend normark's sheaths but he doesn't do khukuris,if you don't want to make them yourself give me a buzz we'll work something out.

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Thanks guys!!! Brent I'll touch base with you in a couple of days. I'm in the middle of a 36 hour shift and don't have much time!.....FUN!...Not! Also, thanks Uncle Bill I'll talk to u later also.

Chris B.
I know that a place called Edgeworks made the sheath for my WWWIII Khukuri. It is a great sheath too! I am not sure how you wuld get in touch with them though. Maybe someone else would know if they have an e-mail address. Good Luck in your search.

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Try this link out:

One of these days I might make a kydex sheath, but there are far too many projects ahead of that in the que. Good luck