best pocket knife to buy?

Dec 13, 2000
I'm looking for a small pocket knife for
my father-in-law. Something with a long life,
a blade that won't rust after a year of hard use. he is a farmer and I wanted to get him
a knife that will last a life time. Please
Hi Coney, welcome to Bladeforums!

Before I or anyone else attempts to answer your question, lets try to narrow the field down a little.

1. How much are you willing to spend?
2. Are you interested in single blade or multibladed knives?
3. Does one hand opening make any difference?
4. Traditional appearence (bone, stag, wood) vs. synthetic handle materials (zytel, G10, micarta)?
5. What is a small knife? Blade length under three inches?
6. How will he use the knife? Light duty? Heavy duty around the farm? What?

There are many many knives that I can could suggest that would meet all your initial criteria. It would help if you can answer some of these questions to focus the replies on what you really want.

I'll second Para's comments here! It would be easier to help you if we did know more about your quest!
I'm looking for a 2.5 to 3.5 inch knife
I would like to keep the cost under $50.00
I think he would like a multibade with a
traditional appearence. he probablywill use it in light duty situations. one hand opening
doesn't make a difference. sorry of being so
unclear I'm new at knife buying. thanks for
responding so quickly.
Sounds like a Swiss Army knife. If he likes wine, get one with a corkscrew.
Sounds like to me that a Swiss Army type knife would fit the bill. Victorinox and Wenger make some nice mutiblade knives with very high rust resistance stainless blades. There are many models to choose from from these two manufactures and the prices you are looking for are right there. If you check out the Links area at BladeForums, you can get a good list of dealers that supply these brands of knives.

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Sounds like a large Stockman Man to me. An Uncle Henry or Buck Stockman or even a Case will fit the bill. If he's a farmer and 50ish, he will want a stockman. No frills and mighty useful. My father, grandfather, and uncle--all farmers--carried bone-handled Case stockmans (and I carry one at least several times a week). It's all they ever carried. And while things have changed on the farm, there are still a lot of farmers out there with traditional tastes.


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I'm with Hoodoo on this, being over fifty here helps. Go with a Stockman pattern, the brand doesn't make much difference. This does not include that junk from the National Prison Camp of China or other such places. Except for them, most of the junk makers have moved on to "one hand openers".
Post Script: I've carried a Case or Buck Lately) almost every day for over fifty years
I'll go along with the gang and recommend a stockman pattern. I'm partial to Schrade's Uncle Henry line for multi-blades, but you should look also look at Buck and Case.

The Schrade Uncle Henry stockman is a great knife. I carried one for a decade without any rust and it worked like a trooper.


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Welcome to BFC!!!

I think these guys nailed it right away.

A Stockman would probably fit the bill perfectly.

I would recommend a Case with Vintage Stag handle.

You're Dad won't be able to put it down.

Check out for their complete catalogue and when you are ready to buy you should give Roger at Bayou Lafourche Knifeworks a try. He is very well liked here at BFC and he's got great prices and is a Case collector himself.

Good Luck and keep us informed of your pick!!!!

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hey, if i were you i'd go with a Buck 110.
it's a classic, one of the most rugged folders ever.
it's not a one-handed opener, but it's the best IMO for what you pay (less than $40 at Wal-Mart).

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Second the Buck 110. About as traditional as you can get, plus its a real workhorse of a knife.

A Victorinox Swiss Army Knife (SAK). You can't go wrong with one of these.



Trust no one...
Thanks to all, I will take everyones advice
in to consideration when I go looking for knife this weekend. Thanks to all and
Merry Christmas
Merry X'mas to you too Coney!

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Welome the the forums. As others have said,Case stockman or whittler with bone or stag handles. You can't go wrong with the classics.
If it's a stockman, the Buck 703 is excellent. Another good one is the Camillus #67 stockman.

A Swiss Army knife might be good, but for heavy-duty cutting around a farm, I think a stockman model would have knife blades that are more durable.

Also keep in mind, depending on how hard he works his knives, very few knives, even top-quality knives, will last a full lifetime of VERY HARD use, like on a farm. But will probably last about 10 to 20 years of tough daily use.

There are a lot of great choices out there for well under $50. Besides the aforementioned Buck and Camillus, also Schrade (their Uncle Henry line has the rust-resistant blades), Case, Queen, etc.
If considering a SAK, try one of the Alox handled models like the Soldier or Electrician. But I can't think of anything better for him than a stockman, Boker is another brand to consider.

I entered the word "stockman" into the search engine at the KnifeCenter and only came up with 62 listings

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I'd say a Victorinox SAK with both th saw and scissors. These tools nevr cease to amaze me in quality.

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