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Best sheath ?

Just got a big survival knife with a 8 inch blade. I want a kydex sheath,(I think), as it seems the most secure. My question is what style or configuration of sheath is the best to carry a big knife such as this one?
Do I want a sheath that straps to your thigh?
One which attaches to your belt around mid-sheath? Do I want a forward cant so the knife handle does not hit my ribs? Strong hand or cross draw?
Lots of choices for such a simple question.....
Normark, aka Eric Noeldechen is the man to see. I am getting ready to order my fourth sheath from him. I am extremely pleased with his work. Eric's website address is www.mnsi.net/~nbtnoel/

E-mail address: ericn@mnsi.net
Dec 23, 2000
UPS just left me a very well made carbon fiber pattern Concealex sheath from Mike Sastre of River City Sheaths. I've used one of his sheaths with a whitewater rescue knife for about 3-4 years with no problems or complaints. You can give him a shout at VideoSAS@aol.com
Normark will do you right, very easy to work with and does exceptional work, can't go wrong there!


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If you're not quite certain that you indeed want kydex, and wonder about leather, Mr. Graley is your man for that. I think as much clarity as possible as to what your primary use of the knife will be can assist you in making the proper decision as to material.

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