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Oct 26, 1998
OK folks, I am going to ask a sensitive question but I think most people will like to know. In your opinion, which on-line shop/store has the best:
1) Deal
2) Service
3) Expertise
on knives and multitools the sell?


Knife Dudes have a good selection and their prices are very low. I haven't had any problem with their service.

Discount Knives will match any price - 10%, but I haven't had a chance to order from them yet.

The KnifeCenter kicks butt in all three categories.

Price? As good as anyone else's out there, and they are always running specials.

Service? As far as I'm concerned, the service is untouchable. Howard and the gang are some of the nicest people around. I've been doing business with the KnifeCenter for one and a half years now, and they've NEVER done me wrong.

Expertise? They have the most extensive and one of the most informative web sites. Howard often gives his own insightful reviews, and if that isn't enough, the Big "D" himself (Dexter) has many of his own reviews featured there.

Sure, if I looked long and hard enough, I might find a piece for 2 bucks less, but that means nothing to me. The KnifeCenter has won my loyalty because they go the extra mile every time.


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That is as simple as ABC-Direct!

I have dealt with several dealers and I have always received prompt service, great prices and Mike Gallagher really knows his stuff. And so far he has matched every price I have found lower. Only 2 so far. I also like to drive to there store, which most dealers on the net don't even have.

As far as Multi-Tools I don't think you can beat the deal they have on Leatherman Waves. $59.95! I bought 6 so far.

There web site is the best I have seen. The layout is so easy to figure out, the search feature is cool, they rate all the knives so you know what quality to expect, they have specials all the time, and they ship whien they say they will. So far I have received every order from them the next day.

If I was not buying from them I would go to KnifeCenter. The only thing I don't like about KnifeCenter is there website is very hard to get around in. It is big but clunky and every page looks differnet. Gets confusing to me. You can find the maker but try to find a specific knife.

Discount knives I will not buy from. They don't ship on time, (found out why), they don't return email in any timely fashion and the website, well I will stop there. Sorry but I only give a guy 2 chances.

NW Cutlery? Great people but to far away from me.

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It's a difficult question, I have found great service and $$ in many places. In my opinion as a small business owner share the pays to shop around. All dealers will have diff. prices depending on the product. By the way I don't sell knives!
So far, I have only ordered from two places.
I have to agree with Dave, Discount Knives just takes too long. I ordered an EDI Genesis over 3 weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived. In addition, I got no respones from my e-mail inquiries to see if they recieved my order okay.
I just ordered a small sebenza from Howard Korn (KnifeCenter of the Internet). His correspondence and service has been
outstanding. I'm betting that the Sebenza will beat the Genesis to my front door.
I'm also in touch with James Mattis of Chaicutlery. He is currently looking for a purple leopard cub for my wife's Christmas present. His service has also been excellent.

UPDATE: Just received e-mail from Brian concerning my order. Apparently something went wrong on my end which I will have to check into. As this was only my first dealings with Brian, it would not be fair for me to comment on his company, Discount Knives .
Please disregard my .02 cents concerning Discount Knives.
Thanks should also go out to Bladeforums since my above comments is what generated Brian's e-mail to me concerning my order status.


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Well, to present an alternative to the previous posts, I will say that my relationship with Discount Knives has been outstanding in terms of price, service, and delivery.

Brian has answered all my e-mails (just got one yesterday), usually within 24 hours.

All knives received in a week or less.

One knife had a small glitch, sent back for full credit, no questions asked.

Always a gentleman on the phone and willing to have a conversation.

I have no quarrel with that.

I have also had great experiences with Tim Flanagan of Nor'east Knives (you should give him a try, great guy and great service) as well as Phil Jones of Edgy-Tools.

I would not hesitate to recommend any of the abovementioned individuals who I now consider friends, and not just knife vendors.



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I have had excellent service, price, quality from PVKnife, Arizona Custom Knives, Northwest Cutlery, BrtBldz, and all of the individual knife sellers that I have dealt with on the Internet. I have personally found that all of the knife people are the greatest!

We will have new software in place which will allow you to rate the dealers which have links here. I am trying to figure out a way to make it fair since someone can possibly come in a skew the numbers with one bad experience. Here is what I mean. If we get two responses on a dealer, one good and one bad, the dealer would have about a 50% rating which would not seem fair. The new software will be installed in the next week. What will help make it fair is the larger number of ratings the better off the ratings will be. Also the system will record the IP address of the individual who makes the post so he can not vote again. Kind of like the survey software.

My suggestion to anyone who has a bad experience with a dealer is to try and resolve it with the dealer beofre lashing out in any way. Then if the dealer does not repond after several attempts you are free to voice your opinion but keep it fair and no personal attacks or hidden agendas.

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Until recently I would have included the KnifeCenter on my list, but I have had a real problem with their customer service department about returning a defective knife.

I must say that this experience is totally unexpected as my earlier dealings with the KnifeCenter have been excellent! Great service, knowledgeable people, wonderful prices and an outstanding web page. I guess that even the best drop the ball occasionally.

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I have had excellent service lately from Sklylands Custom Knives, Northwest Cutlery and AG Russell. All have been professional, helpful and very friendly :)

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From my experience, one dealer on the Internet, who has great service and prices that are unbelievable; is James of Spearpoint. His expertise is also amazing. He knows so much about Microtech that he writes weekly articles about the history of each series of knives. He delivers on time, just as he promises. His prices are too low to believe and if you find anything lower he is willing to beat the price. No matter if you have already bought the knife. He is willing to work hard and find anything a customer needs. He's a real nice guy who is willing to work with a customer and do anything just to satisfy. If you want a great deal with great service he's the man to see.


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