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Best Surplus Stores?


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Oct 6, 1998
I had the chance to stop in at Hahn's, a simply great surplus--ie "Army-Navy"--store in the Las Vegas area. Not just BDUs and boonie hats, but a ton of good stuff for campers, treasure seekers, and tactically-minded individuals. Haven't been in a store like that in a great while. I get the idea that the old Army/Navy surplus stores are a dying breed.

Got me to thinking--what other great stores of this type(not just outdoor stores like Campmor or EMS or REI) are around? I'll throw out a few I've been in:

Original I.Goldbergs, in Philly--tons of good basic work clothes, boots, and gear.

Atlanta Army/Navy--don't know the exact name, it's about ten minutes from Brigade Quartermaster in Kennesaw. Had everything.

Linden War Surplus in Linden NJ--nice store, apparently closed now, though.

Harry's Army/Navy in Bordentown NJ--downsized their A/N stuff but a good gun/archery/fishing store too.

Any others?
M & G Sales on Granby Street in Norfolk, VA is great. Dark & crowded & tons of odd things lying about. AND they sell Converse Chuck Taylors!
Damned shame, but any I've seen in AZ or NM in the last 15 years have either folded or are now selling import junk. No true surplus available here!!
Originally posted by OUCH
Damned shame, but any I've seen in AZ or NM in the last 15 years have either folded or are now selling import junk. No true surplus available here!!

ditto for Northern California-- Many surplus places have disappeared, and the ones that are still around sell probably 75% import crap and 25% overpriced surplus. :(
Sportsman's Guide (available online) has a great selection of genuine surplus, especially clothing. Their newly manufactured stuff I have tried is also good quality. We had a great Surplus Store (Roger's Army-Navy) here in Birmingham for years, but he has gone yuppie and carries very little authentic stuff anymore, but is a great source for camping-backpacking equipment and upscale outdoors clothing now.
Choctaw---yep, the Guide is great. I should have mentioned them--like Brigade Quartermaster and US Cav, I've used them a few times over the years. I've also used Cabela's for clothing--never the cheapest, but usually great quality and service.

From the comments, I guess the heyday of the Army/Navy store may be passed, in favor of the "outdoor" store kind of place. Could be worse, unless you *have* to have authentic BDUs *today* :cool:

Rugger--you got me to thinking. I read about a store, I think it was in LA, that specialized in stocking out-of-production athletic shoes of all sorts. Can't think of the name, though.

Depending on what you are looking for, eBay has a lot to offer, too, although there is no substitute for actually picking it up and checking it out.
called uncle sams.
its one town south of me,and carries some awesome stuff. has both US and foreign surplus. also carries name brand camping/hiking/outdoor stuff. some of the prices are a little steep,like the knives,but you can find this kind of selection anywhere around here.

theres also a smaller one here, carries mostly clothing,but has lots of BDU's and work clothes. the prices on boots are fair,but i havent ever seen a size 13 combat boot there. :(

Just curious as to how I would get to M & G from the Eastern Shore. I usually get on 64 west when I'm going to college, and I go right by Norfolk. Thanks ahead for the info..