Best Survival Knife w/9" Blade

In your opinion, what is the best survival/combat knife with a 9" to 10" blade?

Jan 24, 1999
Busse Battle Mistress or Hood, 15in Ang Khola from Himilayan Imports, or Nordooh from Rob Simonich.

thanks and take care
I've heard a lot about all of the Busse Combat knives- all good things of course.

Is there an echo in here?!! Battle Mistress or Nordooh. Can't go wrong with these.
Tempting to just say BM as well but your requirments would determine that for a list .....

Busse Battle Mistress ...... tough as nails, best for my use.
Trace Rhinaldi Armagedon ....awaiting mine but heard only good things.
Newt Livesay RTAK value for money bar none. Adheres to KISS principle.

The above would be my choice in 9 inch although I would opt for a Busse Steelheart in 7 inch above all.;-), second choice would be a Bob Dozier Ranger in 7 inch.


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Go for the Battle Mistress, one of Chris Reeve's A-2 survival knives with a blade length that suits you, and maybe a Mission MPT.

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Try a Gurkha House Service #1 Khukuri. It's affordable, comes with an unconditional guarantee, and is one tough S.O.B.

I bought one just to play with, but it has now replaced my old bowie as the one i'll grab if TSHTF.


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my vote goes for a chris reeve PROJECT I or II great tough knives and a hollow handle to put stuff.with not a worry of a weak handle.
and sharp as hell with great steel.need yoy more?