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Best way to carry a knife?

Oct 11, 1998
whats the best way to carry a knife? Im not talking about hiking around in the woods looking for wildlifes... If you have to carry a suit and you think its a good idea to bring a friend to protect you - blade 6-8 inch. Where will I find a sheath that will hide it nicely? Im not wearing boots everyday...

Well IMO the best way to go about this is to first get a kydex sheath. For everyday concealed carry its the easies way to go for fast delpoyment and resheathing.

If your knife alreay comes with one then or you got one then I have found that the best way to carry it is inverted under your arm pit. I may not be the best at explaining it but I'll give it a try.

1. Get some kind of connecters or velcro. Also some form of rope for them.(don't get the rope too thick cause then it looks like your wearing a bra) And put it around the belt loop part. This will go across you 6 pack. Make sure it doesn't have too much slack.

2. Then tak another rope and put it threw the blet loop. This rope goes around your shoulder. How ever much slack you have it this one will depend on how low the knife hangs on your side.

3. Take your last rope and tie it to the rope that goes around your shoulder at the height of you arm pit. Take this rope around your chest and tie it to the other side of the shoulder rope.

Thats it. If anyone has a better method of doing that then please corect me on it.

Depending on the size of the knife is how you might choose where to conceal it.I agree with getting a kydex sheath.I would say the most common places for concealed carry would be inside the pants system(waist),neck carry,shoulder harness,inside the pants around your calves.all these would be able to be concealed.Many makers out there make a specfic carry system for one type of carry or multiple positions.Then you have to decide which would be the most comfortable,cocealable,yet offers quick access for draw.Later,Ralph
I have two fixed-blade knives which I carry, not at the same time.
The smaller of the two has a total length of 8", and I carry it in a leather nordic pouch type sheath, in my front trousers pocket. The pouch has a lanyard which I run up to and under my belt, which assures separation of knife and sheath in the draw, and which also means I don't lose the sheath on the floor after the draw. The lanyard also allows me to slide the knife and pouch into the waistband of my sweatpants when I work out: I can tie the lanyard loosely around my waist, outside my sweats, and thus exercise without fear of the sheath sliding down my waistband and out my leg.
The larger knife has a total length of 12". I at one time carried it in the OEM sheath, upside-down on my belt. Because of my left-handedness, it fell to hand in the Mexican or Reverse Grip easily, and concealed under a Hawaiian shirt comfortably.
I have since made a sheath for the larger knife out of EXTREMELY thick leather. This sheath has no provision for hanging from a belt, and I simply slide it between my belt and trousers in any number of ways, right and left side. This allows me to move the knife, or reorient it to my body in different sitting situations. It feels very secure and comfortable, and has allowed me to experiment with more options, such as cross draw and reverse grip draw from the strong side.
I would suggest that the best way to carry a knife is by its handle.
For concealment find one of the above suggestions that works for you best, try them all.
I've got some specific ideas on that

Do a Kydex sheath as thin as possible *without* a molded in belt loop. Keep it skinny as possible, do as many tie-down holes as possible, set it up *however* you want once finished. Tie it horizontal belt, vertical belt at whatever height you want so it barely pokes out from under your jacket that day if it's open-carry required by law, or tie it up in shoulder rig fashion.

Paracord is a good basic lashing cord, or leather lace, good shoestring, whatever.

The tie-down holes should be holes versus long slits. Scott Evans at Edgeworks did such a critter for me and The Outsider and it's working great. Pics available of it and the carry rig coming ASAP; in my mind the extreme flexibility comes from ditching the kydex molded belt loop completely.

Jim March

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Thank you all

Jim, is it possible that Mad Dog can provide me with such a system as you describe? I´m into a Wild thing and a Panther but they really have to be invisible because in my country knives are stricly forbidden
to be carried in the streets.
I will end up in A LOT of problem if the law guys find out I´m carrying a knife so the concept has to be excellent..
The best way to be invisible is not to do it at all. If it's illegal, don't do it, and don't ask in public please. This is a huge liability issue, not only for you but for this site. Trust me, in the long run, it's for the better. In fact, I move that this thread be locked.
SB, chill a bit, willya?
We don't even know what country he's dealing with; here in the US we'd look at laws in places like Algeria where "if gun, shoot on sight", despite rampaging murderers masquerading as "freedom fighters" killing off entire villages as total insanity. (Whoa, long sentence alert

Wolvenstein: Mad Dog makes a "Dundee rig" across the back scabbard that's very discrete. He's got an Arizona concealed carry permit that allows concealed guns *and* knives, and the guy weighs 140lbs, he's by no means a giant. He conceals the Panther all the time with that rig. He also makes something called a "slip sheath", it's a low-cost option for any of his pieces. While it lacks holes, it's possible to punch a series of holes down ONE side (in between the rivets) which is adequate to do a "tie it any old way" rig. I did a post on the Mad Dog forum at www.knifeforums.com a while back that displayed a picture of an ATAK slip sheath I *heavily* modified. The post would have been around 10/6 through 10/20 or so, thread started by me, I can't recall title. But anyways, I drilled holes in the slip sheath and wrapped it in glove leather, set it up as a horizontal belt rig.

IMPORTANT: If you're gonna do this, make sure when Kevin does your slip sheath to ask him to shape it as TIGHT as possible. He'll do that on request no problem; the slip sheath really doesn't have a retention system except friction but he can set 'em up VERY tight.

Jim March
Thank you for adding a new dimension to the subject
. Still we are allowed to carry knives in the forest hunting for fungus so I will only use the good solutions from Jim and the other guys in that area. Gosh, what the mushrooms will have a bad day...

Seriosly, I now about moral and regulations. Its still a good knowledge to be shared between members of bladeforums, dont you think? Moving this from a theoretical point into practice is another matter that should be up to the individual.

I will not advice anyone to break any laws but to freely discuss every subject that comes to their mind. Thats how knowledge is shared and we will all be enlighten

Happy hunting


Here's a repeat. The thread title was "minor alterations":


1) Mad Dog WSP1 ATAK variant.

1) Mad Dog slip sheath.

1) 8" x 6" sheet of glove leather.

2ft of heavy leather lace

1) silver concho.

1) band-aid (hey, you try drilling holes in kydex with the tip of a Mad Dog by an outdoor fireplace with a flashlight in teeth without a booboo!)

1) Large nut.

Serves one quite well...IMHO...


(and it HAD to be earth to sky...)

Note: the goal here is to do an open carry rig good-looking enough that the first impression is "art knife" rather than "WEAPON". Came out pretty good; only problem is I don't think it's quite tight enough to survive a motorcycle crash so I can't wear it on bike. For any other carry Kevin did this one *tight* knowing I'd be pulling something like this.

Jim March
Great piece of work. Why not an inside waist band, IWB? Is a knife of that size, ATAK, to big for that or is it just not fast enough to have to search in the pants to find the right tool? The Wild Thing (I´m taking about a knife
)is a bit smaller so maybe...
Why not under your armpit?
Is it possibly to strap a knife to ones forearm? Only fiction or will it work in real life? If so, with what kind of knife?

Your advice?
I try to comply with all of the laws. Like SB and Thaddeus, I don't want to compromise my freedom.
However, when I carried my rather modest (3 7/8") fixed-blade on my belt, as prescribed by my state's law, I thought I detected some mild looks of alarm on the faces of a few fellow workers. I might have imagined it.
Nonetheless, out of consideration for some of my fellow workers, I moved my FB knife to my front pocket. By doing that, I have violated the letter of the law, even though a have a permit to carry a concealed handgun.
In the past, I have legally carried a handgun in the open while a resident of another state, and I observed how it disconcerted some people. I acquired a concealed handgun license in this state out of consideration for others, and out of respect for the law.
That same consideration has now put me at odds with the law. Ironically, I can carry an automatic knife in this state.
It grows tiresome trying to satisfy so many needs and regulations. If I ever get in trouble with this under-4" knife in my pocket, hopefully I will have a judge who believes in the right to an informed jury. An informed jury can find the defendant innocent even if they have technically broken the law.
I have instructed my 10 year old son, presently a green belt in Judo, to continue his studies and acquire his black belts in Judo and Aikido because, the direction things seem headed, he will not have the right to carry a weapon of any kind by the time he reaches his majority, and he should guard his freedom more than his life.
Until the laws become so prohibitive they make carry completely impractical, I will continue to experiment with alternative modes of carry, if only for my amusement and the emotional comfort of others.
As a peaceful person I believe in not showing any weapon at all as it can be taken as a provocation by some people. But, on the other hand, if your laws says different you end up in a tricky situation.
Whilst out amongst the pixies in the paradise where I live, I have been knownst to carry a lovely and peacable Nimravus gently and discreetly tucked away below my armpit. Of course the fair citizens of my backyard domain, loving cutlery as they do, have oft asked, "kind sir, where did you purchase that lovely kydex sheath with that very thin and comfortable harness that doesn't say not to carry the knife upside down?" Wandering amongst the lillies and sipping julips I reply, "whyst this is the 'Micro Sheath' from Edge Works of course!". Then it dawns on us, it so silly to carry cutlery in this paradise who needs a silly knife anyway! From thence forth we spoke no more of cutlery, concealed carries, kydex, and yes.......even Mad Dog, ever again.


A concealed carry sheath is not a concealed carry until it is concealed. No law saying you can't own one or talk about one, you just can't put your shirt over it!
Alright guys, I'll try to loosen up. I had horrible food last night.
So long as Wolverine don't implicate us, and abides by the strict lines of "for educational purposes only", well, I can't complain. After all, he already publically implicated himself by saying, and I quote, "they really have to be invisible because in my country knives are stricly forbidden". Be careful out there, Wolverine. I may sound like mother nagging, but better that than dealing with a justice system that may not understand. Be real. Be cool.


I too have had problems trying to balance between law and social propriety. In fact, this sort of balance is often practically impossible. I like a comment Bill made on a different thread about obtaining special written permissions with the DA. I wonder if mine prefers white wine or red? HEHEHE! Sad. I want to conceal carry knives SO BADLY I can practically taste it.
I set this ATAK up that way for legal open carry and absolute max draw speed. One goal was to "gussy it up" to keep sheeple freakout to a minimum.

With The Outsider I'm taking a different tack. Scott Evans's sheath for it has FAR more laceholes up and down *both* sides. I'm mounting it vertical and grip down, adjusting the height so that the grip pokes 4" out from under whatever length jacket I'm dealing with. I keep it legal, but keep freakout factor as low as practical while working within the law.

It's all good
. Next up, I'm experimenting to see if JB Weld (a GOOD commonly available glue) will stick to Kydex. I just found my JB stash again, I've got some scrap kydex, I'll report tomorrow. If that works, it'll be possible to either attach a flat sheet of Kydex with it's own holes to one side of a slip sheath or attach metal rings down one side so that you'd have laceholes "opposite" the row of holes that can be easily interspersed among the rivets.

Note: Kevin rolls out slip sheaths for $25 a pop plus shipping your knife in and out. That means altering a slip sheath does *not* detract from the value of a Mad Dog IMHO; if you're buying a Dog, get a slip if for no other reason as a core for further mods.

Jim March
In my early years, I used to carry a clip-on boot dagger near my SoB. That quickly changed when one day, a friend of mine decided to yank it out and surprise me. LUCKILY if failed, even if it was only a friendly prank. Still, I've never went back to it because of it. I guess what I'm saying is, be careful what sticks out behind you. We don't have eyes behind our backs and others will certainly be eyeing you.