Best website for knife pix/stats

Jun 22, 1999
I often find myself searching manufacturers' websites and dealer websites for photos and specs on knives of interest.. and end up jumping around a lot.

I've found that Knife Center of the Internet has a good smattering of knives (photos, specs and variety) and use them as a main resource for information.. and to get a feel for the street price. Heck I even ordered something from them for all their troubles but they ran out of inventory

Do other members have a favorite site to get the same information? Manufacturer sites only have their own stuff (duh) and list prices... many dealer sites don't have a complete set of photos, or don't always carry a comprehensive line for a given mfg.

Does anyone have a single site (or two) that tops KCI in this regard? I know the BF Links section shows ratings for dealers, but a high approval rating may be more a reflection of customer satisfaction than web content. Thanks.

I should have qualified my request. I'm only interested (at the moment) in production knives.

Your links will come in handy when my knife-mania peaks tho
David, no denying that Discount Knives is popular for good buys... but reference? I looked up Kershaw and they had a 1 page listing with names, prices and model numbers but no pix, and no specs.

Am I looking in the wrong place?
Thanks all for confirming that KCI is a good resource for product information. I've bookmarked a lot of other good sites now as well.

Mike: In regards to Spark's design of the ABC-Direct site, it's not as product comprehensive as KCI (obviously no reflection on Spark's work) but I was impressed with the layout.

Spark has done well in the organization of the pages to make for one of the quickest and most efficient sites I've seen, while providing visuals where needed.

James: I like your site for its philosophical content
Your product pages linked to the manufacturers' sites is inspired..I'm surprised noone else has thought to do that.