BF Native modifications - opinions?

I have my BF Native and concealex sheath and have to say that it's a great knife, with good heft and shape. I've got the combo edge model, despite my usual preference for plain-edge cuz and got to thinking...

Is is possible (or even a good idea) to add serrations on the swedge of a plain edge version? I know this doesn't make much sense as a clipped knife, since the swedge is exposed, but if you have (and use) the concealex sheath, why not sharpen and serrate the swedge and get the best of the plain-edge and serrated worlds?

Anyone else consider this? Or does a sheathed double-edged folder face added legal hassles?

Seems like it'd make a good sheathed utility folder that way. Even if the serrations weren't razor sharp, I'm sure they'd still be useful for those occasional times you really need them.

May 13, 1999
Seems to me, if I remember correctly, double-edged blades are a no-no in California and Mass. I'd check first, but this sounds like a good idea if you're willing to give up safe clip carry.

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Thanks Codeman. I've looked at a couple of knife law sites, but don't recall seeing any restriction on double-edged blades, but then I don't see that many of them around here in CA..maybe that's the reason. If you find a link, please let me know.

Drew (Corduroy) had some pictures recently in a thread about serrations:

And his custom serrations look like they were cut on the blade spine, like I'm suggesting for the swedge on the Native. Heck, his serration types might be usable without even making the swedge too sharp (and hence "dangerous" or illegal).

Now just in case anyone's forgotten what the Native (and its swedge) looks like:

Still looking for opinions...