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Jun 17, 1999

I am knifemaker amateur. I live in Poland. In my country there is not any information about BG-42 steel. So far most of my knives I made from ATS-34 steel. I like it.
Last time I heard about BG-42. In Poland there is not any information.
I please you very much help me in that problem and please tell me how to temper knife made of BG-42.
Any other information about BG-42 I will appreciate. I thing that tempering should be similar to ATS-34: 950F to1000F two times one hour.

I got some information about BG-42 from TIMKEN Latrobe Steel - http://www.timken.com/timken_ols/latrobe/bearingfax.asp.
Heat treatment:
Preheat 1500 F
Austenize 2050 F in salt
Oil quench to room temperature or salt quench at 1050, ail cool
Stress relive 300 F one hour
Refrigerate at - 100 F
Double temper at 975 F 2 hours
61-64 HRC
I thing that 61-64 HRC is good for ball bearings but it is too hard for knife - sherpening would be very difficult and what is more important edge would be TOO BRITTLE.
My question is: how to get optimum of properties for good knife. How to get the best wearing and avoid brittleness !!! Is it better to temper BG in a bit lower temperature then 975 or in a bit higher. I thing that 1000 F should be good. What is your opinion?
And second Question is: Is BG-42 better then ATS-32 temped at high temperature 510 C (not F) two times one hour ?
I am asking because ATS tempered at high temperature nearly like high speed steel is very good. I heard some times that ATS is not good.
I thing that these people did not good heat treating.

I will appreciate any information about BG-42>
Best wishes and Thanks in advance,

Thomas Burzecki