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Big custom 11" Bowie with 1/8th stock 1084 blade spotted!

Jim March

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 7, 1998
c title...then goto:
http://bladesource.com/ and hit the link to "Custom Knives".

You'll see a large Bowie of fairly traditional pattern, except for the milled "jeweling" on the sides of the blade. What's NOT obvious is that the smith is using sections of 1/8th stock sawmill blade in 1084 to create these puppies. I saw this bowie and the smaller companion shown here at the Pleasanton gun show today, and lemme tell you what - this thing is a -=FIGHTER=-. You thought a Panther was light and balanced and "flickable" for a big blade? This critter in 1/8th stock is *UNREAL*.

Heat treat seems good, but without actual edgeholding tests it's hard to say. Certainly it's a simple steel, not hard to treat and the fit and finish of everything else is very, VERY good. That blade there (I'm sure it's the same knife) was marked at $140US and the guy at that page can score more.

Now, if you're in the market for the Ontario Hell's Belle Bowie this critter should be seen as a SERIOUS alternative. No, the steel isn't the absolute best although in this kind of thickness I suspect it's an excellent choice, this is what a lot of good Katanas are made of so if thicker can support a 26"+ blade, this thinner stock should be fine out to 12" at least. Total blade "heft" is low, this isn't going to be a great woods camp and chopper knife, it's a weird yet wonderful "streetfighter".

I figured somebody around here would go apepoop with desire...and I've fondled it firsthand, it's as nice as those pics show.

And I've got no connection with that vendor other than thinking this is a COOL bit of steel.

Jim March
Dangit Jim,

My wish list is already too darn long...I don't need your help making it longer....

I want to echo Jim's evaluation regarding the high quality of this maker's work. I've had one of his 3" swept-point hunter's for several years. The handle on mine is crown cut with a scrimshawed deer's head on the butt.

I never did any formal edgeholding tests, but it took a nice hair-popping edge and held it well for the light tasks to which I put it around camp. Leather sheath is heavy-duty and very well made. As Jim said of the piece he handled, the fit and finish of everything is really nice.


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Oooo what a neat "classy fighter". I thought my 12" 3/16" bowie was light and quick for it`s size,this thing must be great in the hand. I wonder if they zone hardened them to make the most of the 1/8" spring steel. Can`t beat the price. I wonder if a cheapo version could be made from an Ontario 12" Bowie machette re-heat treated/zone hardened and re-gripped. Hmmmmm