Big decision

Aug 14, 2003
Hello all, I am going to make my first Sebenza purchase soon, and need some info. I am currently in Iraq and when I get home I plan to get my first Sebenza. I have other knives, from various manufacturers, but want a Sebenza to replace them all. I know this is the knife for me, but do not know if I should get the regular or the classic. Is there an advantage to either one? It will be used for daily chores, and anything else that may come about. I would like to hear preferances of the two. I thank you for your looking and time and any replies that may come about.
Hi CJ,

I currently have a Large Classic and it is nice. But I have been considering getting a Regular because I like the shape of the blade better (not quite as pointy) and the more square shape of the handle appeals to me too. I have not had a chance to handle a large regular sebenza, but from looking at pictures I think it would be my choice. Some here have said that the Classic is easier to use the lock because of the deeper cutout, but I just like the looks of the beefier Regular. Hope this helps and God Speed you home from Iraq!
I prefer the blade geometry and handle ergonomics of the regular design over that of the classic but both designs have many strong points. I pray that God keeps you safe and thank you for what you are doing for us all. ;) ;)
The large Classic has always been my favorite. I like the pointier blade, and the way the handle feels in my hand. The framelock cutout is a perfect spot for your forefinger and as the knife handle moves back the handle swells and just fills the hand in all the right spots!

The best CANNOT go wrong with either one! :D
I like the Classic better, but not by much.

The differences are subtle enough for you to have to handle them both to decide. The Classic IS slightly pointier. I guess I like that and the lock cutout on the Classic.
I like the regular, the handle just looks better to me. But you cant go wrong with either, both are made perfect, and both are a sebenza. Its kinda like asking which color ferrari should you get, the red or the yellow. Well enjoy you new knife when you get it and come home soon. we all apreaciate what your doing. :)
Thanks guys for all of your replies, and all of your prayers. They sure will be used, and are in need around here. I think that the large classis is going to be the choice I make, I like the overall apperance of it. I am not demeaning the regular by any means. The classic just appeals to me visually. Thanks again for everything.