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Big Emerson Folders

May 3, 2001
Two new in box big Emersons:

****SOLD****Super SOCFK BTS 2005 production serial 0105, black part serrated tanto, current best street price is $180. Biggest production tanto folder EKI makes. Skull clip included (a $ 15 value) $ 145 shipped first class add $ 5 for Priority Mail. Only selling this one because I prefer the plain edge version and just got one.

PayPal preferred I'll eat the charges.

Trades? Would trade for other Emersons, looking for Super CQC-7B SF, Mini Commander BT or SF, Blackbird.
Lock side liner on the CQC-11 measures 0.062 inches thick. Non-lockside is 0.050

I want that Super SOCFK BTS!!! No money after Christmas though.... I've heard elsewhere that the SOCFK is going away.. Someone is going to snatch that up quick!!!!! Great price too!
Just put a new black skull clip on the Super SOCFK for the same price.

Super SOCFK's haven't been as big a seller as the regular size so Extreme Outfitters (exclusive SOCFK dealer) has said they may not have another run of Supers manufactured. It is not known if EKI would decide to produce them as a regular production knife so if you want a new Super SOCFK you better get one now.
This is a $ 180 (when on sale) knife and a $ 15 skull clip all for $ 155 shipped.