Big Livesay knives

Oct 14, 1998
I've got the wants for a large blade for general backcountry use. According to his webSite, Livesay makes the RTAK, the Wasp, and the RCM. I have read the material on Randall's site, but I'm still somewhat confused. Does anybody have experience with all three: given the intended functions of big machete-type knives, and why does it take three for Newt to cover all the bases?

As far as I've heard, Newt makes good tools. Can anybody help out here with opinions and/or experiences?


I have all three knives. I am a big fan of Newt's knives. They are all great choppers and good woods knives. The RTAK has a conventional clip point so is also useful for those things you need a point for. The handles are different from each other, but all comfortable. They are all good value for the buck.

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Newt makes decent knives. A long backlog though. It will take quite a while to get one from him. there are alot of quality makers that also make knives that are just as good or better than Newt's. Matt Lamey is one that I would recommend. His site is There are alot of others also. There are a couple of threads going in the general discussion forum that deal with similar knives. Alot of recomendations are made there.

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