Big Sigh of Relief

Feb 25, 2001
So my wife gets back from her trip today, and I break it to her about my first knife purchases this weekend. She says, "You didn't get me one?"


I, of course, immediately appeased her. I ordered her up a nice little Camillus Yellowjacket for cleaning brook trout. She's always wanted to own a genuine Camillus, being a native upstate New Yorker. I must admit, I'm a bit jealous myself.
That's great. My wife doesn't really understand my passion for knives. As far as I'm concerned, it's her lose. She doesn't hate them, just doesn't see the big deal.

Did you get her a fixed or folder? Don't they make a small fixed blade with a yellow handle?


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
The wife is great to be with. She's a real outdoor nut. We go camping, hiking and fishing every weekend during the warmer months. She even competed on her college's lumberjack team. She's not all that big, but she's got a whole mess of spirit in her! It must be all that axe wielding that makes her partial to blades.

I ordered her a little Camillus Yellowjacket CAM-714Y pocketknife from 1SKS. It's just two folding 2 5/8" Turkish blades. That'll give her a blade to clean those brook trout with, and a spare if the first gets dull. It's nothing big; just a dependable little tool for a specific purpose.

She'll hopefully want something a little bigger when she sees the YellowJacket. That'll give me a good excuse to order her up another knife..... as well as something for me. I keep staring at those Camillus EDCs and Benchmades.