Big trouble in little Kershaw Blackout?

Mykl Clark

Feb 19, 2000
Okay here is my problem maybe you can help. I was using my blackout yesterday and as it was opening it gave a loud crackling sound followed by a loud snap when it finally opened. After that the Torsion assist no longer engages the knife opens and closes just like any other knife
. Also every now and then when I open it I hear(feel) the cracle again then it stops. What's going on here and how do I fix this knife. Will have to send it back to Kershaw or what? I carried this knife everyday it is my baby and It is a great little knife. That's why I want it working again. Any help would be great. Thanks Mykl

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Sounds to me like something went loose inside. Nothing you did caused i'm sure, it shoudl be covred under waranty, i'd send it back if it were mine.

Blackouts are great aren't they?

Send that knife back to Kershaw with a note explaining what you just posted. They will take care of it and ship it back to you with no problem I would think.

I have had super luck with knives I send in for service there.

Another option would be to contact your dealer for assistance with the above recommended steps.

Kevin Pensinger
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