Bigger blades on the way

Oct 3, 2003
I have been working on 3.5" and smaller blades over the last month. Time for some 5.5" and up stuff!! All 0-1 and will be differentally heat treated. These will be 5/32" and 3/16" stock... so I need to get some 50 or lower grit to make the grinding go a little faster in the initial stages....thanks for looking.

Big blades to match that BIG Bassman sound :D. The old Tweeds ROCK!
Nothin like a tweed and tele combo. Nice natual distortion beneath a clean tone. ;)
Whoa man, those are some big blades! Especially the one making your hand look small... :D Those will be fun to grind.

For what it's worth, I do the initial stock removal with 36 grit and shape the grind at 60. There are those who shudder at the thought of taking 36 to a knife blade, but, have I said this before? - I'm lazy. And cheap.

Most of my knives are flat ground. I take the initial stock away using the serrated wheel, carefully leaving enough steel to grind flat. This makes the belts last longer and moves the grinding along much more quickly.

You didn't ask, so forgive me if I'm butting in. Can't wait to see these bad boys topped off. Thanks for sharing.
Your not butting in at all. I need all the tips I can get. I dont have a wheel so all my grinding is done flat from the start. I watched Daniel Winkler use 36 grit belts and move straight to 360!! I think he had a 3 hp motor though and boy was the steel hot!
I use 50 grit zurcs for my start up. they remove stock fast without leaving really heavy grind marks in the steel. I then go to a 120 aluminum oxide for smooth up. Scotch brite wheels and belts for final finish.
I keep getting told by a few supply places that the Klingspor Jflex is as good as any.....what do you guys think?
Well, for what it's worth, I use ceramic belts to 220, then Norax. What's nice about both of these is that you can use a sharp edge of something to break down the surface of the belt to get fresh grit. They end up lasting a very long time this way.

I've heard of people going from 60 to 400 before. :eek: I guess you'd sure know when you got the previous scratches out! But I can't imagine how many fine grit belts you'd use - me being cheap as hell and all. ;)
Well, my 5" x 12" pice of micarta came in for one of these. Too bad I can only get 2 darn sets of slabs for my knives this big. Oh well......Now I need to get cought up so I can work on these at all.