Bigger Walker = Better!

Feb 8, 2000
Yep! Bigger would surely be better! I just love the lines of the Walker (I have the Almite version), It has a great feel to it...but was just thinking with a thicker blade of VG-10 and a bit longer, say 3.5" and G-10 scales, you would have the perfect knife.

How about it "Forumites"? Any possibility Sal?

Knife Nut
Thought the Walker was gone, gone. I really like the one I got used. After just having posted on the wonders of FRNs, I have to admit would prefer it to have more rigid handles. I think it is a great little knife, but as is, is too small for me to make my strong side carry, particularly with 50/50 edge. So, would certainly support a larger model, if they are to be kept, with a chance to modify the size. Won't be holding my breath though.
I feel the same way. Always liked the Walker but it was just too small for me to be comfortable with. It would be great if Spyderco would make a bigger one!!