Bill Moran ultimate kitchen knife

Oct 17, 2005
I've had the Moran for a few weeks now and can't seem to stop using it in the kitchen. Everytime my wife needs things cut up I get the call! This was my first Spyderco experience and it's been unbelievable cutting up potatoes, apples, brocolli, oranges and several other foods. I'm kind of worried about carrying it with me all the time though, I keep thinking the cops will pull me over and find it! I guess I'll have to save up for the concealed weapons license. Anyway, so far the knife has exceeded my expectations and the VG-10 steel has really held its edge.
I got the drop point fb-02. Which I've always liked that style of blade better even though for skinning the other blade style may be more appropriate.
haven`t yet . i use cheap shit that i don`t mind losing for fishing , like a muela knife . don`t go hunting , and i use my seal 2000 for outdoros stuff . my spydies are more for EDC , (even then if you get caught carrying a fixed blade in australia , you`re in deep trouble) actually , if you get caught carrying any knife in aus you`re in deep trouble.