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BK14 G10 ideas?

Discussion in 'Becker Knife & Tool' started by XwafflesX, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. XwafflesX


    May 30, 2012
    I'm soon going to get my BK14 pimped by TheThor153 on YouTube, and Can't decide What color or pattern G10 to get, it's satin finish, any ideas?
  2. Uncle Malice

    Uncle Malice

    May 13, 2012
    Stripped or black?
  3. Tylerxp


    Jul 10, 2012
    It depends on the reason. Do you want to be able to see it better in a gear bag or if dropped? Or is it to look cool? Both valid reasons for "pimping" but would probably be different color choices.
  4. CamH_16


    Feb 5, 2012
    This was my second custom job, I really like 2 colored G-10s, makes the knife "pop" alot more.

    BK-14 (2) by CamH_16, on Flickr

    022 by CamH_16, on Flickr
  5. XwafflesX


    May 30, 2012
    I'm liking the idea of really bright or 'neon' colors.
  6. XwafflesX


    May 30, 2012
    Thats really sweet man. Love it, I'm really liking the idea of just getting smooth G10. maybe OD? not sure...

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