BK2 Sandblast update


Sep 26, 2009
So i did it, and it turned out amazing, so i kept going a bit and messed with the handles and that turned out great. Alot grippier. Tell me what you think!
Thanks fellow becker nuts






rc5 sheath just happens to fit, Origional sheath, not so much

I like it very much. Been thinking about doing mine in some manner. Did you do the blasting yourself? I saw a sandblaster at lowes for less than $50, that I thought about getting just for something like this. I love that handle, what did you use to mod it in that manner? Thanks to all. Moose
Thanks, that is some good stuff. I got to decide how I want to do mine soon, its killing me. I finally found "the" knife for me, and I wanna Moose that baby up sumpthin' fierce. Thanks for more inspiration and info. Moose.
No worries, I work with micarta and G10 often, full mask and well ventilated. Thanks again
thanks, this knife is very special to me so i made it my own. I dont really know what grit was used on the sandblast, my friend did it, they use the sandblaster to clean stuff at septa, i dont know anymore about that.
I beadblasted mine as well it is by far my favorite finish for knives. If you look in the phonebook you can find people who do it. The places I called laughed because I just had a knife I guess they get bigger or a lot more items usually. But they all wanted less than $10 to do it one guy quoted me like $8. For all you folks wanting to buy strippers and such to scrape the crud off and use all that elbow grease I really encourage you to pick up the phone book ;)