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Black-Beautiful & Deadly

May 2, 2004
This combination would work well for any would be assassin.

Black trench coat; optional.

This 15 inch fighter is going to a customer in Arizona.

488 layer birds eye damascus

stabilized box elder burl

wrought iron guard

Brunswick blue ferule

nickle silver hardware

Thanks for L:D:Dking


I have been looking at a bunch of custom knives lately, did not think I could see another one that would take my breath away, but this one did it!!! Maybe some day when I grow up and become rich and famous I could own one like that!!! Thanks for the image, 47 Knuckle
The blue and grays go well, that's a rich lookin handle, nice work.
LOVE the wood color....where did you get it from?
its soo beautiful!!

Hi Jim,

I buy most of my stabilized wood from Bill Baumbeck @ Arizona Silhouette.

He is nice to deal with. He will discribe the pieces you are buying over

the phone, so you have a pretty good idea what you will be recieving.

Until now I had never seen a piece of box elder burl that I thought looked good on a knife. Seems like every time I think I'm finally getting things down pat, someone makes something that shows me how much I've got to learn yet. Thanks for putting a young guy in his place. Amazing work. Is there any chance of telling me what "brunswick blue" is exactly and where a guy can pick some up?

I tend to agree, you need to be selective in your selection, when using box

elder. It doesn't all look like this piece. I deal with someone who knows my

taste and can usually fill the order.

The Brunswick blue is my term for the bowling balls I like to use in my

Thanks for posting,
Great looking piece Fred. Brunswick may get out of the bowling ball business and start supplying knifemakers with handle materials.:D