Black cloud Bowie?

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Mar 27, 1999
can anyone tell me about the black cloud James Keating fighting bowie? Who makes it ,what steel is used,etc?
I am not sure what you mean by a Black Cloud/James Keating fighting bowie, but here is the full blown fifth generation Black Cloud Fighting bowie (FB5):


Ernie tells me that the FB5 has evolved a little bit, thinner guards, and I think he leaves off the Spanish Notch.

The fourth generation fighting bowie (FB4) is Ernie's most popular bowie, I think. It has straight guards, no side quillions, a much longer clip, and no Spanish notch. The FB4 has been evolving slightly in Ernie's hands as he grinds them over the last couple of years, and the balance on them has gone from excellent to extraordinary. This is a superbly strong and effective fighting knife. Ernies trademark handle design is excellent in terms of comfort and retention. Ernie also grinds an excellent edge on his knives. It is a wide, medium width edge that is an excellent compromise between cutting efficiency and durability.

I have two of them, an 8" and a 10", and I just placed an order for another 10", they have gotten that much better.

Here is a poor picture of my 10" FB4:


Ernie does make several James Keating designs, and I am sure that Jim had a lot of influence on Ernie's design, but as far as I know, there is no Keating bowie. Ernie does mostly ATS-34 and A-2.

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Hi Guys!

Someone may correct me if I am wrong about this.

That knife originally was designed by James Keating and was made by Bob Dozier. It was known as the CROSSADA. I first saw it in the July 1995 issue of FIGHTING KNIVES magazine. It was made out of A2 steel with "side" guards of S7 steel. It had a micarta handle.

Black Cloud may have acquired the design from James Keating. I am not sure of that so I can only speculate.

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