Black coated Titanium blades

Feb 11, 2000
Hello friends

I can't seem to find much information on these. I interested in the history of them, models made, etc. General opnions on them.

I remember seeing one a few years back but was not sure if it was a custom job or a factory custom or standard production folder.

Any info is appreciated.

HC :)
ps (Spyderco was the folders that started it all for them still after 14 first ,plain edge endura...still have it....still mint....)
Have any one have any information. I know they exist. The black coated blades, endura & delica

I got a couple when Cutlery Shoppe was selling them out.
I think they did not sell well becasue of the additional $10 or so cost.
The coating is very dull finish. Mine aren't for using so, I could not comment on performance.
If you get a mutitool from SOG or Leatherman in black, it is an identical finish. Factory option - black blade...

What type of coating was it? Any "special" coating or your basic cosmetic black! Do you have any pics?

Looks just like the various multitools with black finishes. Definately not paint... Not like a Cold Steel Recon with a black coated (painted) blade. The blades are "blackened"... I think with a titanium coating which I understood made them more duable and rust resistant. Many multitools are sold in black... the knives have them same finish as a Leatherman, SOG or Gerber with a blackened finish... not paint... some kind of vapor depositing like black "T" by Birdsong. Very, very dull finish.
I bought one of the black Police models just a few months ago. The coating also covered the edge, which meant I had to sharpen it off. It took quite a bit to sand that coating off, which leads me to believe it would stand up under use. Just a side note, the only place that there is no coating is the area of the blade that pivots in the handle, a rather small area compared to the rest of the knife.

Chris Mapp