Black Diamond Tool Steel

Nov 8, 1998
spent last evening going some old mags.....came across an article on early Randall knives.....
The MAN, himself, mentioned Black Diamond Tool Steel with a decent measure of respect.
Just wondering.....what was it and what is the recent equivelant nomenclature ?


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Dont know if I'm even in the ballpark here,
but if I'm not mistaken black diamond is a brand of files, and they do make a pretty decent knife
Randall did refer to it as a steel type that he had used and mention of using files.
Maybe the files were named for the steel ....or vice versa ??

Hmm, you got me curious so I did a little checking, the only thing I could find was a trade name Crucible uses for W-1, dont know if thats the same animal or not, maybe someone at Randall would know?
btw: analysis for W-1:
C 1.00
Mn 1.06
Cr .50
W .50

If this was the stuff he was talking about, my post about the files probably wasnt too far off after all, as a lot of files are made from W-1

I checked into the "Black Diamond" trade name a few years ago. It was a registered trademark of Nicholson files. The steel has the exact same composition as 1095, with the exception of carbon the time, it was 1.27%. I did a little checking, and Nicholson still makes the black diamond files, but only in the larger sized files.

Ed Caffrey
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