Black lip mosaic folder

Oct 3, 2002
Hi guys, here is a folder Point Seven shot at the NY show, sorry Coop :) They do pretty good work though. I know, it's not a bowie and doesn't have a hamon but hey what can I say.
It has a 3'' mosaic blade, bolster, black lip pearl scales and a gold bail. What do ya'll think.

Thanks, Don Hanson lll
:eek::eek::eek: Man I really am sicker than I thought, my mouth was watering when I clicked that thumnail. Thanks for showing us that beautiful knife.
What an exquisite piece !

The black lip pearl is absolutely stunning !
I find that I'm really drawn to the long slim folder profile lately. This is a stunning example. Even I like a changeup from bowies from time to time. :D

What a knockout piece! As always, killer Damascus and premium black lip that piece is tops.
Not very attractive and doesn't look all that well made.

Of course, if I could have a closer look at it.....?

;) ;) ;)
Don, did Point 7 take any shots of the other blk pearl folder with the snowflake looking damascus? Or that sweet stag and damascus fighter?
Thanks guys for your comments, they are appreciated.

Ari - I didn't have the others photographed, cost too much :)

Let's get some more knife pic's up on here :D

Superb, Don. For what it's worth, Paul Basch told me in passing a couple of years ago that you are probably the best folder maker out there. Well done.
You know a maker is special when he can set on his table a Folder as intense and exquisite as that right next to a 13 inch Bowie as magnificent as we have seen.Serious Woah!
Absolutely stunning!!!

That is one seriously gorgeous knife, a masterpiece....