Black Para Military

Oct 5, 2003
I noticed that Spyderco has put out a black paramilitary. I personally think it looks better that way, but will the finish hold up? Seems to me like it would wear off after a while. Also, why does it cost $20 more than the plain one? I guess putting the black stuff on it is more expensive than one would guess.
All coatings will wear off with use and even just from being carried. Expect that it will wear, if that is a problem for you don't get a coated blade. Putting that coating on does cost money, now much exactly I couldn't tell you. Basically the reason that it is $20 more is because that is what people are willing to pay for it.

Personally I really don't care if a blade is coated or not. I am going to be using the knife, and that will cause the coating to wear. Eventually the blade will have lots of marks and scraps from use, and to me that makes the knife that much better.