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Dec 25, 1998
How durable is this finish? Does it scratch easily? Or is one better off getting a blade with no coating?
Black-T, or black teflon is fairly durable. It will show wear if it contacts the scales if it is a folder, or if used for rough cutting tasks, but the finish, even if worn off sharp edges or scratched, is still effective in preventing corrosion. Walt
The Black T finish is done by Otis Birdsong, correct? Anyone have a contact and does he do knives directly with the public or just in large quantities with big outfits. I recall a thread some time ago where it was said that Mr. Birdsong does indeed do knives on a per basis. Can anyone verify and give an idea if costs for a fixed blade? Thanks.

My thoughts on black T coating is this: Even though others may warn that they can scratch, they still provide an extra layer of protection against the elements that wouldn't otherwise have been there. Any scuff marks on my black ti knife that I have really don't bother me at all. I bought this knife to use it and they are barely noticable.

I like how a black blade makes the knife look. Get one, you won't be disappointed.



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I spoke to Walter Birdsong and yes he does Black-t on a basis like you are looking for, but he has to have bare steel to work with, he disassembles folders to put the coating on the blade and if you want it on a fixed blade the handles need to be off...

WE Birdsong & Associates
1435 Monterey Road
Flourence, MS 39073

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Walter does not make the Black coating which is currently used on BM's knives. It is now called BT2.

Taken from BM's site.
Q- What is BT2?

A- BT2 is a proprietary Teflon® based polymer. The primary reason we use this coating is for its tremendous corrosion resistance. Since Teflon® is the slipperiest solid known, it also adds lubricity to the blade making the knife operate even more smoothly.

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Mark Graham of claims to have a better coating than Black-t. He calls it Metacol. Check his site. I don't know if he coats blades, though. Maybe if he receives enough requests, he might consider doing some.

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I have talked to Mark about doing blades and he says he will. He told me that he didn't know how well it will hold up around the pivot area, but he said it should hold up as well as black-t.