Blackie Collins "Lil Rascal"

Oct 6, 1999
Received one for Christmas from a cousin. Poor guy, I will keep the knife because my cousin gave it to me, BUT, this knife has some problems. Side slop in the blade (wobble actually), I don't even want to do a spine whack on this one. Sez the blade is of AUS8 (could be...but sharpening is going to be most difficult as it didn't come out of the box sharp AT ALL). The opening device may have been novell, but it is more difficult to use than what one would expect. Anybody had any similiar experience with this knife?
I bought one. I don't know what I was thinking. It had blade wobble and it was altogether a cheap knife. I gave it to my girlfriends dad, he seemed to like it.
Thanks for posting it